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The Surprising Reason Mickey Sumner Loves Her Snowpiercer Character – Exclusive

While it goes to appear take care of starring on “Snowpiercer” would be both bodily and emotionally grueling, as noteworthy of the filming takes direct in a confined direct mimicking an true practice, Sumner can’t recall to mind one scenario when requested. “There are no true challenges,” she says. “The challenges are all fun. I include all of them.”

What makes Bess Till so noteworthy fun to play for the British-born actor? “I if truth be told take care of the physicality of this personality,” says Sumner. “I if truth be told take care of her awkward, inclined moments when she struggles to have confidence and struggles with connection. I if truth be told take care of her loyalty towards Layton — but, especially in Season 3, she if truth be told begins to query and prod at his mission, which used to be if truth be told fun … to not continually accept as true with Andre.”

As for that connection to Layton, whom Till is on the total viewed excessive-tailing it during the practice with in describe to foil a crime, Sumner jokes, “At some point, they’re going to put in writing a [spin-off] indicate for Daveed and me, where we ideally marvelous safe to play cops or detectives and safe to be in every scene together as a result of it’s ideally marvelous too noteworthy fun … Yeah, no challenges, ideally marvelous all fun.”

Recent episodes of “Snowpiercer” air every Monday at 9 p.m. ET on TNT.

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