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The Surprising Connection Between Adventure Time And Bob’s Burgers

The voices of the “Bob’s Burgers” sisters Tina and Louise Belcher invent cameos in “Adventure Time” as one more pair of siblings: Jake the Dog’s (John DiMaggio) youngsters, TV and Jake Jr. They’re first launched in Season 5 when Jake and Girl Rainicorn (Niki Yang) possess a litter of five pups that are section rainicorn, section dogs-shape-shifter, and all assorted shapes, colors, and sizes. They lumber from newborn to light in a temporary time, organising personalities and unprejudiced lives, handiest coming into the tale every infrequently.

The rainbow peanut-formed one with a blond ponytail — Jake Jr. — is the first of Jake’s pups to focus on within the episode “Jake the Dad,” and she or he’s received the issue straight out of the interesting mouth of little bunny-eared, wily Louise. Actress Kristen Schaal plays each and each of them, so it’s potentially no coincidence that Jake Jr. is into wacky shenanigans befitting the tricksy Louise, like faking her non-public kidnapping in “One Final Job.” Schaal is handiest in four episodes of “Adventure Time,” nevertheless she’s done her pleasing fragment of issue acting — she became Mabel Pines on “Gravity Falls” and Sarah Lynn on “BoJack Horseman.”

It’s no longer except the episode “Jakesuit” that we hear the round, crimson pup named TV focus on within the unmistakable scream and groan of awkward teen Tina — aka Dan Mintz. In Mintz’s four “Adventure Time” episodes, TV is published to be a reclusive gamer, at threat of complaining and mute residing at house with Girl Rainicorn. Nevertheless, he turns into an imaginative romantic true like Tina when he reads a teenage girl’s diary in “The Diary.” It’s virtually just like the 2 characters had been talking with one one more across the multiverse.

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