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The Spectacular Now Kissing Scene That Miles Teller Regrets Filming


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By E.J./Jan. 22, 2022 1: 45 pm EST

Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller can maintain played foes in the dystopian YA sequence “Divergent,” however in 2013’s “The Spectacular Now,” they played the true opposite. In this raw film showcasing the many aspects of a excessive schooler’s senior year, the pair are lovers.

Teller performs Sutter, a excessive college senior who has not too long previously broken up with his lady friend, Cassidy (Brie Larson), and is initiating the strategy of writing college admission essays. He needs to procure abet together with Cassidy, however things ranking a turn when he discovers she has moved on to a brand original guy and he meets Aimee (Woodley). The 2 speedy birth a romance, which the the leisure of the film sees play out alongside totally different troubles facing both Sutter and Aimee.

On the bottom, “The Spectacular Now” would possibly possibly possibly seem admire staunch one more teen romance movie, however it actually is layered, exploring the anguish of graduating from excessive college, alcoholism, family dynamics, and lots extra and masses extra. On the different hand, the build level-headed does maintain a teen romance, so as that incorporates the precious first kiss — and lots of totally different kissing scenes. Teller has shared that he it sounds as if has some woes about certainly one of those very scenes. Right here’s the fable.

Woodley will must maintain saved the dietary supplements for later

Miles Teller printed to Diversity that kissing Shailene Woodley in the film used to be not all that glamorous, describing how she had taken dietary supplements ahead of filming a kissing scene they in most cases it sounds as if smelled awful — making Woodley’s breath equally scent: “Sooner than our first kissing scene, Shailene took these Chinese language dirt dietary supplements and shoved them in her mouth. It’s admire a dirt pouch, and it smells admire crap.” So while the execrable breath is not a reflection of Woodley’s hygiene, maybe she’s going to must maintain saved the dietary supplements for later — or a minimal of brushed her enamel.

Woodley has mentioned on “Late Point to with David Letterman” that she is not any stranger to eating clay, explaining that totally different cultures ingest it for its health advantages: “Clay is unquestionably one of my favorites because whilst you happen to glance at indigenous cultures around the sector, folks are eating clay nearly each day. It’s staunch a segment of their weight loss program” (via This day). Sadly for Teller, Woodley’s health consciousness did not procure for the marvelous kissing scene associate.

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