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The Spanish startup that will turn the virtual world into a real show

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The tech giants have taken the lead in building the metaverse, but the challenge It is of such dimensions that they do not do everything by themselves, but also hire companies less known by the general public, but with expert knowledge, to help them build the foundations of this ecosystem. One of them is Virtual Voyagers, one of the few specialized in virtual environments that exist in our country.

Its beginnings date back to 2013, when the person who is now its CEO, Edgar Martín-Blas, saw the opportunity to undertake. «Palmer Luckey announced that he had the prototype of something very new that cheapened the virtual reality that had been done decades ago. I invested in crowdfunding, they sent me the glasses and I realized that this was not going to stop”, he says.

You were not wrong. Facebook bought that prototype, the Oculus, for 2,000 million dollars and Martín-Blas left his position as creative director of Tuenti to, together with five partners, start up the company. «We receive calls from very important corporations, such as Ferrari, Disney or Inditex. At that time they were mainly marketing and R&D projects”, he recalls.

The turning point came in 2020 with the commission from Mark Zuckerberg, none other than the creation of the virtual concert platform of Meta, for which they collaborated with the Californian Supersphere. “In three months we finished the project,” he says. The first artist to perform was Jaden Smith, followed by DJ Steve Aoki and the group Major Lazer.

In addition to working with Meta , the startup has been chosen by Vodafone –along with Optiva Media– to promote a service that will allow customers to enjoy immersive experiences, such as attending concerts virtually. «Suddenly a new internet has been created that is three-dimensional and whose great difference from the previous one is that

we can access it almost in person and do activities», says Martín-Blas. This concept, which until recently sounded like science fiction, is beginning to take shape. “In the US, the app needed to install Oculus glasses ranked above TikTok this Christmas. There are about 20-30 million high-quality glasses in the world,” he says. The next few years there will be more options, since Apple, for example, will sell a mixed reality viewer from 2023.

Edgar Martín-Blas, CEO of Virtual Voyagers

The expert believes that the generation from 8 to 16 years old she will be the great consumer, since she already moves in proto-metaverses like Fortnite or Roblox. Of course, he emphasizes that there will not be a single metaverse , but many that will share information and from which a multitude of actors can benefit. “The ones that will bill the most will be those that have attractive content before the metaverse that can be adapted: shows, series, video games… Then would come training and real estate, for the management of virtual environments and to show projects under construction,” he says. In this sense, the company has carried out a digital twin work that recreates a 1:1 scale a space that will rise near Port Aventura (Tarragona) with houses, gardens, golf courses, etc. “It is used as a sales system,” says its CEO. Endless possibilities that anticipate a succulent business.

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