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The Snowpiercer Spin-Off Daveed Diggs And Mickey Sumner Would Like To See – Exclusive

The pairing of Layton and Except brings both thriller and a few comic reduction to “Snowpiercer,” as week after week, there constantly looks to be something the duo has to review. It’s a perpetual plotline whose leisure value isn’t misplaced on Diggs and Sumner.

“Someday, they’re going to write down a reveal for Daveed and me, the place we precise secure to play law enforcement officials or detectives and secure to be in every scene collectively because it’s precise too great fun,” says Sumner.

Diggs has the same opinion, and even united statesthe ante: “I’ll build that available in the market appropriate now, in case anybody’s [reading] this — cop duo, cop comedic drama with me and Mickey … I’m in, fully 100% in. So, any individual write it, and we’ll invent it.”

Precisely why does Diggs think it’d be so great fun? “We purchased different moral [storylines] this season, and in all seasons,” says Diggs. “I cherish every scene with Mickey. She’s my well-liked.”

Contemporary episodes of “Snowpiercer” air every Monday at 9 p.m. ET on TNT.

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