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The Simpsons Episode That Got Banned From The Air

At some stage in their many adventures, “The Simpsons” has gone in each place. The family has been to Australia, Japan, and almost in all locations in the US. Homer even went to teach. So nothing gave the impression out of the typical in the 1997 episode “The Metropolis of Unique York vs. Homer Simpson,” which noticed the clan head to Unique York Metropolis to retrieve Homer’s car, which had been abandoned there by the metropolis drunk, Barney Gumble. Naturally, the operation would no longer lope smoothly for Homer, who rages in opposition to every true and perceived injustice Unique York can dish out — which it totally does, to gigantic comedic end.

As it turns out, Homer spends a piece of time stuck on the World Exchange Middle, which makes for a humorous bit about eager to lope all of the technique to the end of the dual towers correct to pronounce the bathroom. Understandably, after the 9/11 terrorist assaults in 2001, the episode used to be pulled from syndication due to sensitivity issues (through The A.V. Club). Viewers collect since pointed out that after the episode started airing all over again, edits were made to the scenes with the towers out of respect to the victims. 

Whereas “The Simpsons” has had its a part of controversial moments for the interval of its high-tail, such because the more most stylish hot-button mission of Hank Azaria voicing the Indian character of Kwik-E-Mart proprietor Apu, the Unique York episode used to be sidelined for a while merely out of twist of destiny and abominable timing. As Homer may train — “D’oh!”

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