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The 'semen of the unvaccinated', the new cryptocurrency of the deniers

The struggle between supporters and detractors of vaccines against the covid have moved to the economic plane and those deniers who have decided not to get vaccinated ( or who say they haven't) have launched a cryptocurrency in the United States that they call ' Unvaxxed sperm ', or' Unvaccinated sperm ' . Supposedly. Because it can also be the way vaccination supporters make fun of them.

Whoever the ideologue of the initiative is, he has created a profile with the same name on Twitter and the rest of the social networks -which has subsequently been copied by other users- and has developed a simple web page in which the first thing to do to access it is to declare that you are against the “vaccination mandates”, that is, declare that you are not vaccinated .

Uncontaminated sperm

The cryptocurrency was supposedly created on November 28 -or, at least, it began trading that day- and its creators have launched it for trade. ar with the semen of the unvaccinated, claiming that it will become the next liquid gold , because it is a uncontaminated sperm .

And all this despite studies that seem to indicate otherwise and investigate how it affects finding of covid-19 in human testes to male fertility and sexual transmission.

“We have created the ultimate Trojan Horse: a 'meme token' that is virally spreading the message that health, freedom, critical thinking and love will prevail over cognitive programming, conformity, shame and fear “, they point out on the web.

Tinder for the “pure blood”

In addition, the creators of the website announce that they intend to create a version of Tinder for the “purebloods” who have not been vaccinated and a ' Freedom Apothecary ', a virtual pharmacy to buy “prohibited drugs and supplements”, such as ivermectin, and that would only accept the cryptocurrency' Unvaxxed sperm.

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And to curl the loop, the website also announces the ' Operation Noah's Ark ', which will include a repository to freeze cryogenically unvaccinated sperm and eggs to perpetuate the human race.

After the supposed objectives, and next to a photo of what the Aktun C cenote looks like hen (located in the Mexican Riviera Maya), announces “the entrance of our next luxurious secret underground palaces of the Resistance, where apocalyptic and romantic feelings arise “.

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