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The secrets behind the filming of 'The Villa Caprice Case'

  • The mansion in the film is actually the Volterra castle, located on the Côte d'Azur

  • The team shot, by chance, in the same office of the lawyer in the one that inspires the movie

  • The director has very good memories of the filming of a miniseries with Ariadna Gil and Montserrat Carulla

  • When famous people involved in shady affairs appear in the news, we can ask ourselves what are the mechanisms and tricks used by lawyers to get them released or reduced his sorrow. This same curiosity must have felt the French director Bernard Stora upon learning of the case of Olivier Metzner, a famous Parisian lawyer who had a sad end. That has led him to roll The Villa Caprice case,

    a judicial drama with elements of intrigue starring actor and singer Patrick Bruel (Dinner with friends, The name), veteran Niels Arestrup (A Prophet, Diplomacy) and Irène Jacob (The Double Life of Veronica).

    Bruel plays a billionaire businessman who hangs out with many politicians. One of them has had an affair with a young man and his wife, piqued, denounce some of the irregularities that he has committed, such as getting the tycoon to buy his mansion, Villa Caprice, at a very low price. The police search his house and he decides to hire a prestigious lawyer to handle the case. He is a very reserved guy who keeps his distance from the rich he defends and who also has his principles. It is a film that shows the hidden face of these relentless entrepreneurs and the resources of the lawyers who represent them. Its director explains the curiosities of the film.

    -A ville really. “France, like Spain, has many kilometers of coastline and, to find the house where we wanted to shoot, we did the Tour de France. I have the habit of

    describing in the script very exactly the sets I want to give a very precise idea of ​​what I am looking for, I am determined to find it. There is some superstition because I always say that the set I'm looking for is waiting for me somewhere, it exists and I have to find it. If I can't find it, it's a bad omen. That's how I always do it. My collaborators were desperate and the producer even more desperate. I thought we would find it in Brittany, in some mysterious place, but no, we found it full of sun, on the Côte d'Azur, near Saint Tropez, the castle Volterra, on cap Camarat. When they showed it to me, I said: That's it, it's here! It is both magnificent but quite unsettling, it is stark, with an austere architecture, which can be scary. It's like a castle on top of a hill and she's the real protagonist of the film.”

    -Who do you live there? “The current owners are Canadians. Previously, had belonged to a famous family, the Volterra. Leon Volterra, before the Second World War, had many theaters in Paris, organized horse races, was a very, very rich family. After the war he separated from his wife and gave her the house. She restored it and it was a meeting place for her friends, artists, painters, famous people… It is a house that has history, it was built at the end of the 19th century by an Englishman who loved Italy, and he built it inspired by Italy. The interiors that appear in the film are also shot in the same house”.

    -Two days by boat. “We were extremely lucky with the boat, since We only had it for the last two days of filming. And shooting there is very complicated, it is said that a film should not be made with children or on a boat, but I think that with children it is even easier. If there had been bad weather or a strong wind those two days we would not have been able to shoot, but it was a miracle. Sometimes miracles happen in life and in the movies and we had a wonderful time, no wind. We had an excellent boat pilot and we had an almost easy taxi. The actor who plays the pilot could not take it, is a very moved, distracted boy, I would not have given him that responsibility”.

    -Everyone to jail. “The prison scenes were shot in a real penitentiary center, the Santé prison in Paris. It is a very old that was recently restored, about two years ago. They gave us the authorization and we were able to shoot there”.

    -A very modern courthouse. “It is the new palace of justice in Paris. It was built by the famous Italian architect Renzo Piano, the same one who built the Center Pompidou. It's a nice building,

    it only opened two years ago and we were the first to shoot inside of the building”.

    -Doing research to the millionaires' lawyers. “I didn't have to look far because my co-writer, Pascale Robert-Diard, is a journalist for Le Monde


    works in the judicial affairs section since many years. She is a great journalist and knows this world perfectly, knows all the great lawyers in France ”.

    -The lawyer's house. “I was looking for that house for a long time. When I found that apartment, I saw that it was perfect, it was not necessary to change anything, it was just what I was looking for, the books, the paintings. It was not the house of a lawyer, it was the house of a film producer. And, on the other hand, the lawyer's office has a curious history because we were looking for a lot and I rejected many and, finally, my assistant took me there. I liked it and I asked the owner if he thought it looked like a lawyer's office and he replied that, before his, it belonged to a lawyer. I asked him which lawyer he was, and it was precisely Olivier Metzner , who had inspired the film. It was very curious”.

    -Work with the family.“The music belongs to my son, Vincent. It is a great luck to work with the children. You know, if you have children and when they are older It is not always easy, you have to look for that place of understanding, of communication, of discussion every day, of creation. It was a great satisfaction. We have been collaborating together for a long time”.

    -Rolling with Catalan actors the miniseries 'Elles i jo' (2008).“It was wonderful, I have great memories , a very moving memory. My wife was very interested in that subject. The history of the republican exile in 1939 fascinated me.It is a tea ma that can be done more easily for television than for the cinema because it lasted six hours and it was preferable to do it in two episodes. I was lucky enough to work with magnificent French and Catalan actors like Ariadna Gil, a great actress and a great person, it was very pleasant to work with her. And Montserrat Carulla, she impressed me a lot, she was a magical actress. I have wonderful memories and we shot in Barcelona. I liked it a lot, I enjoyed it”.

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