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The Role You Forgot Stana Katic Played On Heroes

In two episodes of “Heroes” Season 1, Stana Katic portrays a persona named Hana Gitelman. Hana has a functionality ceaselessly called “cyberpathy,” which system that she will be able to hear, join, and transmit digital signals to quite hundreds of devices and transmissions. This lets in her to witness and intercept messages, while she may perhaps well well work alongside with abilities in a fluctuate of different unheard of programs (by ability of Heroes Wiki). 

In Season 1, Episode 16, “Unexpected,” Hana is published because the particular person contacting Ted Sprague (Matthew John Armstrong), a radioactive man hiding in a cabin, via anonymous quick messenger. She arrives and convinces him to attain with her to search out Mr. Bennet (Jack Coleman) and the of us which enjoy kidnapped each of them within the previous — the Firm — in repeat to abolish them. In Episode 20, “5 Years Gone,” the show jumps 5 years into the long flee. For the interval of this time, Hana is in actuality working with Bennet to abet “heroes,” or of us with skills, and their relations get unusual identities and lunge into hiding from the federal government that’s searching them down. 

The character of Hana has a bigger account exterior of the show, as she is carefully featured within the accompanying “Heroes” graphic unusual series, first displaying in “Wireless, Segment 1.” While she may perhaps well well easiest show up about a cases, Katic’s portrayal of Hana is nicely a brilliant residing in Season 1 of “Heroes.”

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