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The Rick Moment That Went Too Far On Curse Of Oak Island

For extra than one seasons, Rick, Marty, and their crew own old fashioned mighty of their planning and digging instruments on a enlighten dwelling on the island that they’ve mapped to the build the Money Pit is allegedly located. Their excavation has caught to mighty of the island’s jap facet, saved afloat by occasional artifact finds and clues to a likely tunnel machine. However, each person’s focus appears to be like to be to pivot within the Season 8 episode “Leather-essentially based completely mostly Certain” (via History), the build Rick and his group seem to come to a decision up clues of their fantastic treasure, maybe somewhere on the western facet of the island or the swamp areas. This all involves a frustrating head when within the episode, Rick mentions that there’s continuously been a belief throughout the group that what they possess about as their Money Pit digging build is intellectual a decoy, and the actual treasure rests in other locations on the island.

To utter this eight seasons in with so mighty cash and funding into digging at the Money Pit comes off as puzzling. It appears to be like to be treasure Rick wasted different effort and time. As one fan on Reddit worthy, “Imagine eight seasons of pursuit of the Money Pit for it to be deserted as merely a decoy.” What’s worse is that the decoy belief has seemed on the “The Curse Of Oak Island,” sooner than Season 8, namely support in Season 3. 

Within the episode “Sword Play,” Rick and Marty own been advised by some engineers that they possess regarding the treasure is no longer at once at the Money Pit. However, after a futile search in other locations, Rick and his group can no longer resolve out the build else to namely dig. Every infrequently, some looking out has taken build in several Oak Island areas up till that moment, however no longer to the stage as The Money Pit. It’s too frightening it mute took them so many seasons sooner than Rick and his group would reach to a dedication to wait on in mind the decoy belief again severely.

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