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The Resident’s Billie Made A Brave Decision, But Is That Bad News For Another Character?

Spoilers forward for the February 8 episode of The Resident Season 5, called “Now You Look Me.”

Exact when it gave the look of The Resident‘s contemporary storyline for Dr. Bell after his diagnosis with more than one sclerosis used to be going to be comparatively gentle on the drama, the distance took a flip that forced Billie to revisit her childhood trauma. Because it appears, the man who raped her when she used to be loyal 13-years-outmoded is Bell’s competitors to take an begin seat on the Enlighten Scientific Board, and she faced the choice of what to enact with the records. She one way or the other made an extremely plucky choice to aim to keep others, but it may per chance maybe per chance moreover consequence in difficulty for one more character as successfully as exertion for Billie herself.

The Quite loads of That Billie Had To Produce

Dr. Robert Porter gave the look of vulgar news from the outset when he threw his weight around to Bell by citing a prolonged ancient past with the lieutenant governor, but The Resident didn’t repeat loyal how vulgar except Bell requested Billie for a advice for the job, and she realized the title of the opposite person on the shortlist. She used to be clearly rattled by the repeat, but she came to a sturdy but heartbreaking conclusion: she well-known to keep in touch out about what Porter did to her to aim to forestall him from gaining a situation to “decide the moral failings of other doctors.” 

Package deal used to be startled and petrified at Billie announcing that Porter is a pedophile and rapist, but needed to warn her that it’d be his note in opposition to hers unless she had proof. As Billie is conscious of (and AJ is conscious of), she used to be left pregnant after her rape, making Trevor somewhat literally living proof of what Porter did to her, but Billie talked about that she couldn’t bring the opposite person attractive into this. 

So, Package deal space up an appointment for Billie with the lieutenant governor and shared that hers received’t be the first ethics complaint in opposition to him, but it’s sure that there’s no 100% guarantee that Billie will in all probability be in a situation to quit nameless, and she didn’t procure worthy time to keep in mind what she used to be going to enact after Package deal space her an appointment for that afternoon. If all goes successfully, Billie making the plucky choice to near attend forward might maybe per chance moreover prevent a awful man from gaining a situation of energy, but even her positive intentions might maybe per chance moreover honest now not be in a situation to spare anyone else some nervousness out of the topic: Trevor. 

Why Trevor Would per chance Be Affected

Trevor is evident evidence of what Porter did to Billie, pondering that a bit little bit of classic math will repeat that Billie used to be barely in her kids when she gave birth and a paternity take a look at would repeat that a grown man used to be the organic father. Understandably, nonetheless, Billie wishes to buy Trevor out of the courtroom cases fully. It loyal might maybe per chance moreover honest now not be conceivable, reckoning on what happens after she makes her advise. 

In per chance the worst case scenario, Billie’s testimony about what occurred when she used to be 13 will was public, and Trevor is terribly able to the basic math that it may per chance maybe per chance take to figure out from their ages that he’s the fabricated from the rape. That might maybe per chance now not handiest mean Billie’s secret that she saved within most for a truly very prolonged time near out, but Trevor would fetch out that his organic father assaulted his organic mother. A runt silver lining might maybe per chance be if Trevor realized why Billie gave him up and entirely understood, but this looks like an overall dazzling awful scenario. 

One other chance is that the need for proof will one way or the other outweigh Billie’s desire to buy Trevor out of the total topic, and she might maybe per chance moreover near clean to him about how he used to be conceived. I’m now not sure I might maybe per chance moreover ogle her doing that unless she used to be solely out of other options, but this storyline appears like it’s sure to bring Trevor attend into the combo, and there would be some well-known heartache on the scheme in which for both him and Billie. As if Billie wasn’t already in for a now not easy experience by telling her myth! 

The promo for the following episode doesn’t repeat whether or now not Trevor will in all probability be collateral injury (or even fetch out the least bit), but it does preview a scene between Billie and Porter: 

No topic happens that Billie and Porter are sharing a scene, I loyal hope that she’s now not traumatized far and big all as soon as more by apparently being by myself with him. If handiest Billie’s storyline in Season 5 used to be more about her role as Chief of Surgical scheme and/or conceivable feelings for Conrad since he might maybe per chance moreover honest procure a brand contemporary esteem interest on the scheme in which! She deserves to take a ruin.

Billie is clearly in for a rough emotional streak shifting forward in a season that has already been now not easy for her, with the demise of Nic. Handiest time will show if Trevor will in all probability be taking into consideration the following chapter of her myth. Look what happens with the following contemporary episode of The Resident on Tuesday, February 15 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox within the 2022 TV schedule. Whenever you love to procure to revisit earlier seasons of the hit Fox scientific drama, the plump sequence to this point is readily available with a Hulu subscription.

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