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The Real Reason Lily Collins Took Her Emily In Paris Feature


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By Nikki Munoz/Jan. 2, 2022 6: 11 pm EST

“Emily in Paris,” which fair correct launched its 2nd season, follows American Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) as she moves to Paris for a job at a French marketing company known as Savoir. There, Emily, peaceable to the language and to French culture, struggles to search out her footing originally. By Season 2, on the opposite hand, she has begun hitting her wander at work, making pals, and is even caught up in the midst of a take care of triangle.

The series has gotten mixed opinions for both of its seasons — its life like Tomatometer uncover currently sits at a barely new 63% on Heinous Tomatoes — despite its wrong popularity that has it currently sitting conveniently in Netflix High 10 for the US (by the expend of The Numbers). However, whether you take care of it or you abominate it (or you take care of to abominate-look it), most viewers would seemingly agree that it’s exhausting to deem any moreover Lily Collins in the main titular role.

So why did Collins steal to expend on the role of Emily? In an interview with Cosmopolitan final year, Collins revealed what happy her to expend on the venture.

Collins liked that Emily would no longer expend no for an resolution

Talking with Cosmopolitan, “Emily in Paris” smartly-known person Lily Collins talked about what it used to be about Emily that made her are seeking to expend on the role. Namely, it came the total plan down to Emily’s determination. Collins talked about, “She sees ‘no’ as a comma, no longer a period.”

Collins used to be ready to whine, having received a great deal of rejections at auditions early on in her profession. Emily’s power nature reminded Collins of her decision to preserve pursuing acting despite the early ‘no’s’ she received. She explained, “If I had fair correct well-liked those ‘no’s,’ I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing this day.”

One more detail that attracted Collins to “Emily in Paris” used to be the indisputable truth that it is created by Darren Starr, who also created the breakout HBO series “Sex and the City.” Collins talked about, “when I used to be in high college, we devoured all of ‘Sex and the City. ‘Darren has a pointy glimpse for creating fantasy worlds whereby audiences take care of to depart into whereas also tackling relatable and silly concerns.”

Viewers can now look two seasons of Emily taking “‘no’ as a comma” on Netflix.

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