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The Real Reason Jackass: The Movie Was Made

All the plan by means of the “Nine Club” episode, Jason “Wee Man” Acuña shared that following the thunder’s third season, the “Jackass” solid wanted a pay lengthen for future episodes or for MTV to greenlight a film.

“We had been worship we’re either worship you’re paying us insanely or we need something else. And so after Season 3 hit, we had been worship either pay us or we desire a film. And that’s after we came with the most predominant film,” explained the skateboarder. Wee Man went on to thunder that MTV allowed the “Jackass” crew to absorb more freedom to film weird stunts, akin to “mild[ing] farts,” for the 2002 film.

Whereas talking to Arrogance Comely in 2018, Johnny Knoxville furthermore shared recordsdata regarding the manufacturing of “Jackass: The Movie.” He notorious that he had “ quit the television thunder,” which came as a shock to MTV. The daddy of three explained that after “lots of ,” he agreed to superstar in the 2002 film.

The sixth “Jackass” film, “Jackass Without slay,” will premiere in February 2022. In a January 2022 interview with Further TV, alongside the film’s director Jeff Tremaine, Knoxville published that he became more fascinated by the smartly-being of the “Jackass Without slay” stunt crew than he had been while filming previous projects. “I true know the total issues that could lunge unfriendly and in most cases they true hotel in my head and it’s worship, ‘Oh god I don’t deserve to position that man by means of that,’” explained the filmmaker.

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