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The Real Reason Jack Nicholson Turned Down This Iconic Mafia Movie

As the major character of the major “Godfather” film, Michael Corleone is downright iconic. Portrayed by Al Pacino in the final movie, his legend of loss culminating in his utilize a watch on of the Italian Mob is one for the ages. It’s furthermore one, per Nicholson, that wasn’t made for him. Nicholson expressed this in a 2004 interview with Movieline, which can now be found on the Lebeau Le blog.

“Abet then I believed that Indians must play Indians and Italians must play Italians,” Nicholson talked about. “Mario Puzo had written the kind of gargantuan e book that even as you happen to return to it you’ll gaze so great of what used to be particular about the movie. There were quite lots of actors who can have faith performed Michael, myself included, but Al Pacino used to be Michael Corleone. I’m in a position to’t call to mind the next reward to pay him.”

In the crash, it’s attractive to argue with Nicholson’s common sense. Many would agree that lawful illustration in film matters. The truth that Nicholson acknowledged this in a film made 50 years ago shows how ahead-thinking he used to be at the time, at least on this regard. There were many actors that can have faith taken up the position even in the occasion that they weren’t Italian. Then again, Nicholson made his selection, and we if truth be told can’t imagine anybody but Pacino in the position.

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