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The Real Reason Bill Skarsgard Did Most Of His Own Stunts In IT


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By Slit Staniforth/Jan. 23, 2022 4: 55 pm EST

While fear fans constantly had Tim Curry pegged because the quintessential Pennywise when it got here to a stay-action model of Stephen King’s “IT,” the original iteration conjured by Bill Skarsgård surely earned its reward and a few air-freezing chills in the strategy. Andrés Muschietti’s two chapters of the wide fable adopted a band of kids stopping serve an frightful that consumed dread — and earned over $1 billion collectively (through The Numbers). A form of these field office bucks include been made thanks to Skarsgård’s great efficiency and the unnerving extra ticks he gave one of Stephen King’s most iconic monsters.

The newly polished Pennywise gave it his all in this fable fear fable, from the uncontrollable drooling to the witness drifting off sooner than he devoured his victims. Luxuriate in many film monsters, though, there include been some sequences in both chapters of “IT” that demanded a puny extra oomph — stunts that Skarsgård wished to take care of himself in preference to the professional professionals on standby. So why put himself at threat for scenes that any individual else might per chance take care of for him? Because it appears, the foremost reason was that when audiences felt right fear in the theatres, he wished to be obvious he was the reason in the serve of it.

Skarsgård did his stunts in IT because no person else might per chance dart look after Pennywise

Apart from being one of many scariest villains in fear, Pennywise is one amongst basically the most active. Ready to contort and veil himself to ensnare his victims, Skarsgård was converse on giving it his exasperated in regards to the role, no topic the toll it took. Talking to the New York Times, the actor admitted that it was positively his most anxious role on show. “Every little thing I did took 100 p.c of my energy,” he mentioned. “It was by a ways basically the most onerous personality I’ve ever done, bodily and mentally.”

The most exerting choices of the efficiency include been throughout some of its action-packed sequences, which Skarsgård was firm to attract on his include for as mighty as that you will most most likely be in a location to evaluate of. In the Blu-Ray featurette “Pennywise Lives” the actor in the serve of the clown mentioned, “there’s so mighty about among the fight sequences in the film the put Pennywise’s physicality ought to mute be Pennywise’s physicality, and I needed to bring my motion and physicality in as mighty as I might per chance.” With that mentioned, even Derry’s deadliest inhabitant needed to accept he had his limits typically, admitting that stunt groups include been contemporary for basically the most unhealthy stunts and fight sequences.

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