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The Real Reason A Barney Cameo On How I Met Your Father May Never Happen

“How I Met Your Mother” might possibly likely maybe well in total tug on the nostalgic hearts and comic bones of loads of followers, however even about a of its most diehard devotees admit that some aspects of the series haven’t oldschool in particular well. Here is terribly factual for Barney, who, with his total misogyny and scandalous Playbook of schemes to connect with ladies folks, has with out explain produced loads of scenes the save, searching back, the character positively went too far. If Barney regarded on “How I Met Your Father,” the character would favor to dangle long past via a stark change. And it looks Neil Patrick Harris concurs.

Per TV Line, on his newsletter Wondercade, Harris had the likelihood to consult with with Hilary Duff why Barney would likely under no conditions seem on the unique shriek. “Barney’s antics, his overt delusions of grandeur, would likely safe everyone in worry,” he explained. “So, except he’s modified his methods or joined a nunnery (insert an insert joke here), no longer distinct if it’s in anybody’s simplest curiosity.” In the land of TV sitcoms, one can under no conditions remark under no conditions, however as Duff moreover added within the newsletter interview, within the period of actions such as #MeToo, Barney’s actions would likely land him “in jail,” and rightfully so. If Barney does ever dangle a cameo, in a technique or one other, “How I Met Your Father” will favor to reckon with his past reckless habits in a technique or one other.

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