‘The Problem With Jon Stewart’ Brought In Jason Alexander To Absolutely Roast Jeff Bezos’ Space Flight


Jon Stewart‘s new Apple TV show isn’t even out, but that didn’t stop it from absolutely wrecking Jeff Bezos‘ space flight with a hilarious parody trailer. Released just hours after Bezos’ took off in a, let’s say, remarkably phallic rocket and landed back on earth while wearing a cowboy hat, the faux trailer for “Cum Dog Billionaires,” was tweeted by Stewart’s burgeoning Twitter account.

Starring Jason Alexander as Bezos, Tracy Morgan as Bezos’ “diverse friend,” Adam Pally as Elon Musk, and an actual mop as Richard Branson (it surprisingly plays), the three-minute video completely roasts the billionaire space race and has probably the most concentrated amount of dick jokes ever compiled by a late-night talk show. It really went for it, so just a heads up in case you’re at work.

Notably, in one scene in the “trailer,” Alexander’s Bezos is seen trying on cowboy hats, which apparently was an incredible guess by the production team who filmed the parody weeks ago. You think to yourself, there’s no way Jeff Bezos is egomaniacal enough to get into and/or out of a spaceship wearing a cowboy hat, and welp, he delivered.

On top of being a hilarious dunk on Bezos, Branson, and Musk, the “Cum Dog Billionaire” trailer also revealed that The Problem with Jon Stewart will debut in September. It was previously reported that the Apple TV show would arrive in the fall, so it’s definitely a nice surprise to learn that it’ll be arriving on the very early end of that timeframe.

(Via Jon Stewart on Twitter)