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The Pompeu Fabra Library in Mataró hosts an exhibition on the essence of animals and humans

  • 'Travel Companions' shows dogs taken in at the Company's Pet Care Center

La Pompeu Fabra Library of Mataró (Maresme) hosts the photo exhibition until Friday 31 December Travel companions: essence of animals and humans . This is a sample of photographs by

Isabel Navarra that show the dogs taken care of in the Center of Attention of Pets of Company (CAAD) of the Maresme.

This is a project that wants to raise awareness about the responsible ownership of animals from 31 images , as well as the work that carried out by the volunteers of the VOLCAAD Maresme association.

From Mataró Culture recall that, given the epidemiological situation, it is necessary to comply with the access conditions, that is, limited capacity, mask and distance of 1.5 m.

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The exhibition is produced by by the photographer Isabel Navarra herself and the VOLCAAD Maresme Association and is organized by the Mataró City Council and the Libraries of Mataró.

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