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The Phillip Scene On Chicago Med That Went Too Far

Within the Season 5 premiere, “Never Going Abet to Fashioned” (through IMDb), Phillip puts the engagement ring he bought for Natalie on her finger whereas she’s lying in a effectively being facility bed, unconscious and struggling with for her existence. Quickly after he puts a ring on Natalie’s finger, Dr. Marcel (Dominic Rains) confronts him, announcing that per medical protocol, he “would have faith eliminated it” if she changed into as soon as carrying it on the time she changed into as soon as admitted (through YouTube). 

Marcel is immediately suspicious of Phillip, and rightly so. Whereas there are red flags early on that Phillip wouldn’t catch away with his plan, Marcel calling him out is a obvious signal the jig is up. His factual colours as a grasp manipulator who’s alarmingly overconfident about his capability to catch what he needs are exposed at this moment. Furthermore, his resolution to assign a ring on Natalie’s finger whereas she’s unconscious proves he’s deceitful and willing to contaminated any boundary to satisfy his needs.  

The truth isn’t revealed to Natalie till after she decides to “belief [her] instincts” and wreck up alongside with her faux fiancé. Understandably, followers of the tag had some very emotional reactions to the story arc. One in all presumably the most vehement feedback comes from YouTube user epoillac, who commented on a November 2019 “One Chicago” YouTube video, “Natalie: gets tricked into thinking that she changed into as soon as engaged to a manipulative psycho. Also Natalie: ‘I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF,’” And followers esteem Twitter user @maltesirsmissus were harassed and wrathful about him inserting “the f-ing ring on after. Wtf.” As problematic as Natalie’s relationship with Phillip changed into as soon as, it’s a correct thing that she within the fracture dodged that bullet by realizing the reality about her extremely suspect suitor sooner than it changed into as soon as too late.

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