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The options for Bale to play in San Mamés

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The penultimate file Bale. On Thursday he can play again after 159 days ostracized by Real Madrid, focused on playing with Wales to go to the World Cup in Qatar. Real Madrid attacks the Copa del Rey with multiple problems and the accumulation of casualties, injuries and fatigue means that the Briton has options to receive minutes in San Mamés if Ancelotti considers it necessary in a complicated situation in the second half.

Asensio and Benzema are hurt, Rodrygo will come from Brazil exhausted after playing Wednesday morning with his team against Paraguay and will land in Madrid in the afternoon, 24 hours before the match , like Casemiro, Vinicius and Valverde, who competes with Uruguay the same morning against Venezuela


In this situation, the right wing of the Madrid scheme is the most affected because neither Neither Rodrygo nor Asensio will be in their best physical condition. And in this disquisition, Bale comes into play if he wants.

We say if he wants, because in the club already have thrown in the towel with Gareth, although they do not say so publicly. He knows that his contract ends in June, that he does not renew and his lack of commitment has been a constant for three years, since he scored two goals that gave the entity the thirteenth Champions League.


Bale request, from inside and outside, who demonstrates his quality in the four remaining months of competition at Real Madrid, in the determining phase of the season. The Italian coach says he will have his chances. The Cup and San Mamés is their first chance.

No He competes dressed in white since August 28, against Betis, point and end of three consecutive games, the first three days of the League, which also did not play complete, as Vinicius already earned the place. It is his only contribution to the team this season. It's time to add up.

The whites already have the sure casualties of Mendy and Marcelo, the left flank of the defense destroyed, so that Nacho or Miguel Gutiérrez must cover that position. Asensio and Benzema are between cottons and the striker will be in danger if he plays, since he is recovering from a left hamstring injury and could be broken for a month, a hypothesis that would leave him without Champions on February 15 in Paris against PSG. And the fatigue that Rodrygo, Casemiro, Vinicius and Valverde

will bring adds to the rest of the problems for the Madrid coach.

Players travel from South America

Vinicius, Casemiro and Rodrygo return on a private flight from Belo Horizonte and arrive in Madrid tomorrow, Wednesday at four p.m. Depending on the minutes they play with Brazil, Ancelotti's coaching staff will decide if they train in Valdebebas with the squad at five in the late or if they recommend rest.

Valverde returns by private plane with other Uruguayan soccer players from our Spanish clubs chartered by the League. His training with the group will also depend on his personal wear and tear after playing with the albiceleste and the time

back in the capital of Spain .

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