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The One Line In Friends That Molded The Entire Series According To A Fan Theory

A straightforward line of dialog from Season 1’s “The One The set Rachel Finds Out” is what Reddit particular person Adam657 believes is mainly the most important to your entire “Mates” timeline. In the episode, Chandler compares a gift Rachel acquired for her birthday from Ross to a crystal duck he once gave to his favorite crush, Carol Willick (Jane Sibbett), as a gift, inadvertently revealing to Rachel that Ross is in admire alongside with her. Because the belief states, had Chandler now no longer relayed this files to Rachel, “Mates” as we are aware of it at present time can personal turned out tremendously rather a entire lot of.

Per the put up, without files of Ross’ solid admire for her, Rachel would’ve doubtless most efficient considered Ross as a buddy. He would’ve then never met and fallen in admire with Emily Waltham (Helen Baxendale), — as an different staying with Julie (Lauren Tom) — that system that the shuttle the set Monica and Chandler first bought together wouldn’t personal came about. Thus, Rachel would discontinuance up with Achieve Robinson (Steven Eckholdt) and Monica with Richard Burke (Tom Selleck). With three of the main cast individuals in committed relationships with “outsiders,” the core community might perhaps perhaps perhaps give intention with Joey and Phoebe throwing within the towel and Chandler changing into Mr. Heckles.

In the feedback half, many within the “Mates” fandom expressed their approval in such a smartly-belief-out theory. “Which you might perhaps perhaps personal if all of it went down admire this, the series would’ve ended spherical season 5 sooner than the crowd would struggle thru a bittersweet parting and the friendship would recede,” wrote notoriousnab, agreeing with the favorite put up’s prediction that the buddy community would disband in time. Redditor meloiseb mentioned, “That used to be a wild scamper and I’m here for it,” and musicismypotato answered, “The discontinuance Mr. Heckles half is the cherry on top to this dystopia.”

On the completely different hand, several rather a entire lot of “Mates” die-hards weren’t so obvious that this alternate timeline is as plausible because it can perhaps appear. Shall we say, WintersbaneGDX claimed, “It’s within the slay advance extra doubtless that Rachel would personal clued in, or Ross would personal worked up the braveness to characterize her.” A tall amount of varied other americans pointed out that there used to be nonetheless a possibility for the romance between Chandler and Monica to come aid to fruition, given their constant shared romantic energy and the actual fact that they’re even together within the alternate-universe two-half account, “The One That Would possibly well Safe Been.”

Who would’ve belief that a throwaway line from “Mates” Season 1 used to be so vital?

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