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The ONCE Sueldazo: Draw for Saturday, January 1, 2022

The draw for the Sueldazo of the ONCE of today Saturday 2 of January 2022, awarded with 300,000 euros plus the Salary of 5,000 euros per month for 20 years, has given as the winner the number:


Series: 016

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The coupons that coincide with the winner of the main prize in its five figures have been awarded with 20,000 euros. Those with the same last four figures, with 200 euros; those of the last three, with 30 euros; those of the last two, with 4 euros, and those of the last figure, with 2 euros

The ONCE Sueldazo raffles are held every Saturday and every Sunday. On Friday the Cuponazo is raffled, with a prize of 9 million euros to the five figures and the series. And from Monday to Thursday, the daily coupon, endowed with 35,000 euros and a payment of 36,000 euros a year for 25 years to the lucky series.

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