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The Office Episode You Should Watch Based On Your Favorite Character


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By Jaron Pak/Feb. 4, 2022 11: 49 pm EST

NBC’s “The Situation of job” is the show conceal that fantastic keeps on giving. Its strong lineup of critical characters proceed to entertain the loads from the first moments of the pilot episode (“Is that this what you’re saying, grasshoppah?”) to the final seconds of the finale (“There’s hundreds of beauty in extraordinary issues.”)

For any individual who likes the show conceal as a complete, it’s laborious to diagram to a decision where to dive in at any time when they sit down down to binge some Scranton office comedy for the hundred millionth time. One diagram to shake issues up is to tell much less about “The Situation of job” as a complete and more in regards to the participants who make the Scranton division so particular.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered up the most neatly-preferred characters from the show conceal. From there, we selected a single episode per Dunder Mifflin employee that stands out as appointment viewing for any fan who considers that personality their accepted. They’re presented under in reveal, starting with the six characters who seem the most typically after which going down from there. Revel in!

Dwight Schrute: Season 9, Episode 23

Dwight Schrute is in nearly 200 episodes of “The Situation of job.” What’s more, he has a truly vigorous and vigorous role in many of these installments. That makes it laborious to pick out a single episode for any individual who loves the Man of Beets greater than the leisure.

That talked about, if we have got to pick out a single episode for Dwight followers, it must be the show conceal’s final bow. The collection finale ends on a stable point to for a range of characters, but none as fully as Dwight. In the lead-up to that episode, Dwight inherits a large farm, becomes the supervisor of Dunder Mifflin, and even gets his lengthy-slack shadowy belt.

Then, in that last episode, we check him indirectly ranking hitched to his gal … with Michael Scott standing approvingly by his aspect, no much less. Couple that with a hearty vote of beef up from his ex-arch-nemesis and most productive man, Jim, and there’s no better time to perceive Dwight grinning from ear to ear as he experiences perfectenschlag typically.

Jim Halpert: Season 3, Episode 23

Jim’s hotfoot thru the Scranton division is lengthy and advanced. He begins as a disinterested salesman, tries to alter branches thoroughly to complete up back in Scranton, becomes a co-supervisor, goes back to being a salesman, and indirectly splits off to apply his dream of starting his like sports activities marketing firm. And that says nothing about his flirty romance with Pam, which turns into an engagement, marriage ceremony, and household.

Deciding on an episode that sums up Jim’s skills is practically now not most likely. As a replacement, we’ve long gone with an emotional moment that summarizes Jim’s supreme trajectory staunch thru the show conceal. We’re talking in regards to the Season 3 finale, “The Job,” when Jim heads to New York to interview for a job at the corporate spot of enterprise.

In that route of, Mr. Halpert realizes that he’s selecting a winning lifestyles with Karen, but indirectly that’s now not what he needs. He is conscious of that his future is back in Scranton with the newly confident Pam Beesly. In the episode, he follows his coronary heart, abandons the interview — and Karen, too — and heads back to Scranton. In the phrases of Andy powerful later, his coronary heart is his compass, and it leads him back to Pam.

Pam Beesly: Season 5, Episode 7

An identical to Jim, Pam has to face a want between her expert and deepest futures because the show conceal goes on. Not like Jim, Pam isn’t selecting between the corporate ladder and a level-headed lifestyles within the ‘burbs. As a replacement, she has to work out if she needs to pursue a truly genuine want to develop to be an artist. She has the skill, and when she begins relationship Jim, he helps her delivery up to dawdle that want thru formal practising at Pratt Institute within the Giant Apple.

The train comes when the blossoming artist fails one of her courses midway thru the fifth season of the show conceal. At that time, in “Commerce Shuttle,” she is conscious of that she will be able to personal a future in work, but she moreover is conscious of that her devoted and supportive fiancé is awaiting her back in Scranton. In a transfer that mirrors Jim’s Season 3 return, she opts for devour over occupation and heads back dwelling, resplendent a grinning and intensely gratified Jim within the midst of.

Stanley Hudson: Season 3, Episode 5

Stanley Hudson is a peripheral personality for the bulk of the show conceal. He’s moreover disinterested in comely powerful each and each single thing that occurs round him. But that doesn’t end the big-hearted salesman and his crossword puzzle from enjoying a large role in a superb deal of the on day by day basis spot of enterprise complaints.

If there’s one episode that defines Stanley to a “t” although, it must be the Season 3 installment “Initiation.” While the focus is on Dwight and Ryan’s initiation-soaked first gross sales name, back at the spot of enterprise, a cart arrives giving out free pretzels. Of the total occasions to your entire show conceal, it’s this topping-lined, gluten-crammed freebie that gets Mr. Hudson appealing at high tempo from his desk down to the lobby.

Right thru the episode, we check him smiling in anticipation and booing at any individual who even looks to be appealing into his diagram. There are few moments within the show conceal that better summarize the unhurried drudgery, interrupted by small pleasures, that Stanley endures staunch thru his occupation at Dunder Mifflin.

Kevin Malone: Season 8, Episode 18

Kevin Malone shall be a supporting personality, but man does he promote effectively. By the end of the show conceal, it’s laborious now to not take into story him as a critical personality — and the real fact that he overcomes his conditions to develop to be an entrepreneur, no much less? Plan to head man. We’re good ample with you.

That talked about, if there’s one episode to underline Kevin’s sorry tell staunch thru his time at Dunder Mifflin, it comes within the Season 8 section “Final Day in Florida.” While the eye stays serious in regards to the implosion of the Saber retailer in sunny Tallahassee, back in Scranton, Darryl and Toby acquire themselves competing for the change of the no 1 Lady Scout cookie buyer to your entire spot of enterprise: Kevin Malone.

Once Kevin realizes the gap that he’s in, he proceeds to query that every and each gross sales-fathers invent his change by doing what he says. This would possibly perhaps well perhaps also merely end with Kevin going too a ways and losing each and each alternatives, however the gluttonous tournament underscores Kevin’s inherent ability to buy merit of an opportunity. And, clearly, we all know that when he surely does ranking his likelihood, he seizes it with each and each hands and rises to unique heights.

Angela Martin: Season 9, Episode 22

Angela and Dwight personal one of the crucial craziest romances of your entire show conceal. It begins within the second season and lasts the total diagram thru the finale. This makes it tempting to pick out a account about Angela and Dwight as a “most productive episode” choice. But we’re appealing into a hundreds of route this time, and it has to ranking with Angela’s other household. No, now not her lifestyles with the tell senator. Her other, other household. That’s staunch, we’re talking about her relationship with her fellow accountants.

In the Season 9 episode “A.A.R.M.,” we check a homeless Angela — whose lifestyles is falling aside — taken in now not by Dwight, but by her then-nemesis, Oscar. By this time, the senator has been a dividing train between the 2 accountants for a lengthy whereas, and the episode reveals a touching reconciliation between the 2 colleagues.

The supreme half of all of it? That is one of actress Angela Kinsey’s accepted Angela moments, too. If Angela herself likes it, it’s got to make the prick, staunch?

Meredith Palmer: Season 5, Episode 2

All people is conscious of that Meredith’s daily life would possibly perhaps well moreover be a bit of abrasive at cases. The rowdy partying, the ingesting, the unspeakable out-of-the-spot of enterprise behavior — the division’s head of Dealer Household people is fantastic … loads. If Meredith is your accepted personality, although, there are a pair of episodes that diagram to mind as must-check television.

The principle one is the show conceal’s finale, where we discover that Meredith surely has quite the buttoned-up lifestyles. She was once even in college staunch thru the show conceal, earning a Ph.D. in Faculty Psychology. But since we already commended that episode for Dwight, we’re going to head in but any other route: the Season 5 installment “Commerce Ethics.”

In this episode, Meredith’s unsavory backroom dealings with a Hammermill employee personal led to a lengthy string of discounts and restaurant coupons. This nearly gets her fired by Holly, but then the HR acquire herself gets a slap on the wrist when the sinister company spot of enterprise steps in and formally decides to perceive the different route. The entire train is messy, but it surely’s moreover one of the crucial few episodes where Meredith plays a lead role, albeit an unethical one.

Phyllis Vance: Season 3, Episode 15

Phyllis is a level-headed personality, and but, she makes her presence felt staunch thru the show conceal. She is conscious of about Michael, as a result of their previous high college experiences together, and she or he finally ends up marrying into change royalty thru Bob Vance, owner of Vance Refrigeration and head of one of the crucial Five Households of the Scranton change park.

In terms of Phyllis herself, selecting a accepted episode is easy. It must be “Phyllis’ Marriage ceremony.” Definite, her nuptial day is affected by the likes of Michael Scott’s insecurities and Dwight’s overly-steady marriage ceremony crasher protection. On the opposite hand, for Phyllis, it must be one of the crucial very best days of her lifestyles. She gets to personal issues her diagram — or is it Pam’s diagram? She does steal all of her recommendations in any case … Anyway, Phyllis gets to name the shots, marry her man, and even land a whopping six-week honeymoon to boot. You fling lady. The tournament affords us rather snapshot of the powerhouse lady under the unassuming floor, a lady that continues to floor more typically because the show conceal proceeds onward from this memorable occasion.

Creed Bratton: Season 7, Episode 24

Creed Bratton has a few of the most productive comedic moments of your entire “The Situation of job” franchise. The aged fellow looks to personal a diagram of popping into the show conceal and saying something offbeat or now not it’s now not connected what the occasion. From now not appealing the title of his space to hunting down spot of enterprise chairs to his ongoing want to scuba, Creed is without end intelligent.

The thoroughly train is, most of Creed’s moments diagram in limited bursts within the center of powerful busier storylines. After all, the fellow’s making an attempt to establish low as a rule. Why would he are making an attempt to hog the spotlight? This makes it sophisticated by diagram of selecting a single episode for all of these Creed superfans accessible.

Fortunately, there’s one episode that does fit the invoice effectively ample for a stable suggestion: the Season 7 finale, “Search Committee.” While the titular search committee looks for a novel division supervisor, we check Creed immediate step into the facility vacuum left by Dwight’s violent-but-transient time on the Dunder Mifflin Scranton throne. Right thru his tenure, Creed lets free. He rents fancy cars, calls random conferences, and forces his workers to ranking acronyms. He moreover begins to torpedo client relationships, which isn’t honest. What’s honest is that Creed’s reign of apprehension is moreover quick. That talked about, the real fact that it even exists does give us the supreme “Creed episode” suggestion.

Oscar Martinez: Season 5, Episode 9

Oscar Martinez has his moments. His ethnic background and sexual orientation assemble more than one bustle-ins along with his boss, one of which even ends within the depraved Scott-kiss from early Season 3. The person moreover has a repute as a know-it-all who attends trivialities nights with a keenness and lets everybody know when they’re unpleasant (surely…)

When selecting a accepted episode, although, we had to head with one which sees him personnel up with Jim to strive to butter up Michael into changing the spot of enterprise copier. The Season 5 episode “The Surplus” follows the spot of enterprise as it struggles with exhaust a surplus before the end of the day. It begins with a classic scene where Oscar tries to point to what a surplus is to Michael. After combating that straight forward job, the accountant takes on the even higher train of convincing Michael to exhaust the further money on a novel copier — in spot of unique chairs.

The episode affords us a fun pattern of Oscar labored up and in trudge as he fights for something he loves … or now not now not up to form of surely needs. His ability to compromise within the end and fling for the chairs as an different of nothing moreover reveals us a intellectual and diplomatic aspect that doesn’t show conceal up too typically.

Kelly Kapoor: Season 2, Episode 16

Kelly is but any other personality whose very best moments are scattered across a ton of hundreds of episodes. Customarily, they revolve around her flighty personality, her impressive make a choice of current pop culture occasions, or something random about fact television reveals.

Oh yeah, after which there’s Ryan. So powerful of Kelly’s time at Dunder Mifflin Scranton revolves around her on-all any other time, off-all any other time lover, boyfriend, fiancé, husband, and ex-husband. Naturally then, if or now not it’s miles very critical to pick out a single episode to ranking pleasure from Kelly at her very best, or now not it’s miles very critical to head the total diagram back to the starting.

In the Season 2 episode “Valentine’s Day,” Kelly hooks up with Ryan for the first time. Well, technically they crooked up on the 13th of February … after which Ryan decides to turn down the chance to apply it up with a bona fide Valentine’s Day date the next day. The supreme half is that we ranking to perceive Jim search files from the tournament play out after which ever-so-begrudgingly aid Kelly form thru her feelings.

Ryan Howard: Season 8, Episode 17

Subsequent up, we have got Ryan Howard. Ryan is one of the crucial largest conundrums of the spot of enterprise. He’s an unwilling accepted of Michael Scott’s, he’s a reluctant lover for Kelly, and he’s a man with high ambitions — now not now not up to, at the starting of the show conceal.

Yet because the gathering plays out, Ryan finds himself sucked into Michael’s plans typically. He moreover becomes enamored with Kelly with out reference to the dysfunction of the connection (which is largely his like fault.) We moreover check his expert ambitions smash and burn staunch thru each and each his meteoric upward push up the corporate ladder and his failed strive to delivery the empire.

So what episode ranking Ryan superfans must wallow in? We propose one which barely has Ryan in it the least bit: the Season 8 entry “Test the Store.” Definite, Ryan plays a minute on-show conceal half right here. He immediate bails on a presentation that he’s created to delivery the Saber retailer, caving in on his ambitions all any other time. On the opposite hand, when Jim steps in to complete the tournament, we surely check a extremely effectively-made production. It’s a large pattern of suitable how high Ryan can flee … if he would possibly perhaps well perhaps fantastic back up his inspiration with stable genuine-world actions.

Andy Bernard: Season 5, Episode 11

Andy Bernard is a textbook effectively to set aside kid. His of us pay for his credit ranking cards. He throws subsequent-stage mood tantrums. He’s into boats. He depends diagram too powerful on his Ivy League college connections — which his of us moreover paid for. And but, when the rubber hits the avenue on one occasion now not now not up to, Andy comes thru. We’re talking in regards to the Season 5 episode “The Duel.”

In that narrative, Michael indirectly makes Andy conscious of the real fact that his fiancé Angela has been cheating on him with Dwight since … fancy, without end. The heartbroken and (in some way) blindsided fellow unleashes his inner Nard Dog fury. This outcomes in a duel between Andy and Dwight, a duel that looks hopelessly stacked against the Cornell grad … moreover, Andy kinda wins. No longer thoroughly that, but he finally ends up being the better man by lightly breaking off ties with Angela and changing into chums with Dwight. It’s a large maturity step for a man who punches holes within the wall when he’s offended.

Michael Scott: Season 7, Episode 21

Delight in any others on this record, it feels now not most likely making an attempt to pick out a single episode for followers of Michael Scott. There are fantastic so many alternatives. On the opposite hand, if we have got to pick out, there’s one which does stand out above the leisure — quite literally. The Season 7 episode “Goodbye, Michael” isn’t fantastic Michael’s sizable swan tune for the show conceal. It’s moreover one of the crucial stop all-time most neatly-preferred episodes of “The Situation of job.”

In terms of followers who particularly can’t ranking ample Michael Scott, the episode addresses a pair of key components. First, it serves as a mini-marathon of all of Michael’s relationships as he races to declare goodbye to each and every person in his household of coworkers. Second, it’s an fantastic searching show conceal of suitable how powerful Michael’s personality develops over the route of the show conceal. Long gone is the jerk-of-a-boss from the pilot, replaced with a caring, compassionate, and even working out individual that’s certainly unhappy to be saying goodbye, even although he’s appealing on to higher issues. The episode is the person’s magnum opus, and it’s a large diagram to rejoice one of the crucial crucial productive characters that the tv gods ever gave us.

Toby Flenderson: Season 4, Episode 14

Toby Flenderson is the unhappy sack of the spot of enterprise. His household lifestyles is damaged. He can’t ranking Pam to peep him. He’s disconnected from everybody, each and each as a result of his physical space within the annex of the building as effectively as his space because the HR acquire. The latter moreover puts him in grunt war with supervisor Michael Scott, a fact that colors his entire time at Dunder Mifflin Scranton.

For followers of Mr. Flenderson, there’s thoroughly one episode that can surely buy their wretched spirits: the Season 4 installment “Goodbye, Toby.” The narrative follows Toby on his supposed last day in Scranton before he heads off to a novel lifestyles in idyllic Costa Rica. We check Michael compelled to treat him effectively in his exit interview. There’s an over-the-high farewell party (partially and unknowingly funded by Jim). He even gets to perceive Michael in a extremely elated mood … even though it’s literally because he’s leaving.

The reasons shall be off, however the conditions of what Toby now not now not up to thinks is his last day within the spot of enterprise present a large opportunity to perceive the HR acquire within the closest thing that he ever has to nirvana. And yes, that last sentence is about as depressing as it gets.

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