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The new words of the RAE Dictionary: bishop, transgender and polyamory

'New normal', 'bot', 'cachopo', 'vaccinology', 'transgender', 'bishop' or 'polyamory ' are some of the news that from this Thursday appear in the digital version of the Dictionary of the Spanish Language (DLE) presented by the Royal Spanish Academy, new words that define the year that ends.

A total of 3,836 modifications includes this year the last annual update of the DLE, the fifth consecutive one carried out by the RAE and the Association of the Academies of the Spanish Language (Asale), and which they have presented in press conference with the director of the RAE, Santiago Muñoz Machado, and the academic Paz Battaner.

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The novelties consist both in the addition of new terms and in amendments and new to ceptions of words that were already in the Dictionary.

Many of them reflect the growing digitization of society , such as 'cryptocurrency', 'cybercrime' or 'webinar' or the influence of the pandemic such as 'mask', 'swab', 'nasobuco', 'social bubble' or 'new normal'.

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