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The NCIS Season 8 Scene That Went Too Far

The minor storyline in the episode “Freedom” offers with Timothy McGee turning into the sufferer of identification theft. The NCIS agent discovers that he’s ten mammoth in the outlet as someone makes credit rating card prices for inflatable blow-up dolls, video games, and humorous books. Tony DiNozzo remarks that it appears to be like love the relaxing time guidelines for a teen and after he does some digging, that turns out to be the case. The identification thief is Carve Miller (Aramis Knight), the younger son of McGee’s landlady, who purchased her keys, went into McGee’s situation, and took his credit rating card. When confronted, Miller explains he easiest did it for the sake of McGee as he felt the agent wasn’t having ample relaxing.

The episode ends with arguably the season’s most ridiculous scene where McGee, DiNozzo, and Carve are in an elevator cheerily making their draw to GameStop. As McGee tells Carve that the thief owes him at the very least 50 bucks for the minimum fraud prices, Carve lounges lend a hand against the wall in a pose so plump of attitude, a ’90s video sport persona would sneer with envy, and evenly responds, “Test with my mom, bro.” And that’s it. There’s no punishment for Carve. There’s no regret on his end. We appropriate get a scene where two NCIS brokers neglect Carve racked up $10,000 in flawed prices and are appropriate frigid with it. 

For the kind of procedural crime show, “NCIS” apparently dropped the ball with this scene. Realistically, Carve need to tranquil beget been sent to juvenile corridor, whereas his mom need to tranquil beget paid McGee lend a hand. In its do, the episode ends without Carve struggling some kind of consequence or, at the very least, admitting what he did became once improper. It comes off as so ludicrous, as sitcoms beget doubtlessly handled this kind of field better.

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