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The National League of Novilladas, a stimulus for the future of the party

The Liga Nacional de Novilladas (LNN), a project promoted by the Toro de Lidia Foundation (FTL) to promote lower-level shows in 2021, has closed its first year with 32 celebrations, in which 758 professionals and 59 have taken part. bravo herds. Composed of a grand final preceded by four circuits (Andalusia, Castilla y León, Madrid and Norte), this first edition of the LNN has hosted a total of 32 shows, which have accounted for just over 20% of the 158 bullfights held in Spain in 2021, and that they have reached 21 provinces and seven autonomous communities, the FTL has informed through a statement.

This league has received funds from the Reconstruction Tour and financial support from public administrations, such as the Junta de Andalucía, the Junta de Castilla y León and the Community of Madrid, as well as private entities, such as the Fundación Caja Rural del South. 33 have been the bullfighters who have participated, to which must be added 709 professionals, divided into 309 banderilleros, 206 picadors, 97 young men of swords and 97 of aid, and the 16 bullfighting businessmen who have also been part of this project in work organization of each celebration.

The final was held on November 6 in the Madrid square of Moralzarzal; steers from El Torreón were fought for the four finalist bullfighters: Manuel Diosleguarde, Jorge Martínez, Manuel Perera and Isaac Fonseca, who cut off three ears and was proclaimed winner of the cycle.

As for the herds, a total of 59 irons of 15 different settings have participated in the LNN. In most of the festivities, interest and competition have been sought, having played 22 cattle duels and 2 cattle challenges. Of the 32 bullfights held, 23 of them have been televised live: the regional channels Telemadrid, Castilla y León TV and Canal Sur have broadcast 19 bullfights, for the four that the private platform Canal Toros de Movistar also offered.

According to the data provided by the FTL, the average audience for each novillada has exceeded the daily averages of the three regional channels, with the overall result that the LNN has entered “more than five million homes”.

Communication has been one of the elements that has been most influenced, in order to provide the participating bullfighters with a platform to make themselves known to the public. With this objective in mind, different accounts have been created on social networks for each of the circuits, a specific website, more than 131 press releases have been prepared, 119 pieces of content and opinion have been created, 465 edited videos or 538 elements of graphic design.

All the culture that goes with you awaits you here.


“The segment of heifers with picadors needed a stimulus so that the sector could be able to renew itself with new talent on a regular basis, for which it is essential that the bullfighters who have skills also have opportunities”, points out the rancher Victorino Martín, President of the FTL.

For his part, Borja Cardelús, general director of the FTL, comments that “many pillars of a new building had to be put in place, such as the conceptualization of the product, the development of a legal architecture that would guarantee transparency and participation based on objective merits. through competitions of all the intervening parties, the financing or the communication structure ”.

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