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The National Court withdraws the former president of BBVA one of the three crimes for which he was charged

The former president of BBVA Francisco González is still in the spotlight for his possible relationship with the 'Villarejo case', but he will stop being charged for, allegedly, having used bank resources to obtain information about a farm that he was interested in buying on a personal basis. The Criminal Chamber of the National Court has upheld the appeal that this manager presented against his accusation for this last charge. Although with this decision González frees himself from a crime of unfair administration, he will continue to be investigated for bribery and disclosure of secrets in the framework of the 'Villarejo case'.

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In a decree dated December 22 to which Europa Press has had access, the magistrates annul an accusation agreed by the Central Investigating Court Number 6 and reaffirmed last September by rejecting a first appeal from the banker. González's appeal has now ended in a small victory for him.

The accusation goes back to the fact that both the judge and the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office had appreciated a possible unfair administration in the fact that González ordered his then Chief of Staff and current BBVA chief auditor, Joaquin Gortari , to collect registration information on a farm in El Escorial that he was trying to acquire. But the Chamber of the National Court decides that it is not possible to charge the banker with said crime because there is no prior complaint of the alleged injured parties, which in this case would be BBVA itself and its shareholders, as required by the law in force when the events occurred. , between 2013 and 2014.

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