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The Most Pause-Worthy Moment In Jackass: The Movie

Near the stop of the film, the slack Ryan Dunn performs what might be one of many funniest bits in all of the Jackass franchise: sticking reasonably toy automobile up his butt and then going into an X-Ray achieve of enterprise to hold it examined. The scene follows Dunn as he enters the doctor’s achieve of enterprise and tells the doctor that he handed out at a celebration final evening and thinks he broke one thing because “he hasn’t been ready to trot simply since.”

The doctor immediate presents him an X-Ray, and in what might be the most paused 2nd in all of the movie, a nurse immediate holds up a published X-Ray clearly exhibiting the toy automobile, and the peep of narrate bewilderment on her face is on the entire hysterical. The scene most attention-grabbing gets funnier when Dunn confronts the doctor in regards to the X-Ray, asking “how did a automobile toy get up there?” With ideal comedic timing, his doctor responds, “perchance you stuck it up your ass!”

The doctor then presents Dunn a deathly serious focus on how he desires to raise it a secret, pointing to the cameraman and saying “he already knows, that’s too many folks.” The absurd peep on the nurse’s face, the stern talking-to from the doctor, and the X-Ray itself make for what is perchance the funniest scene in all of the film.

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