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The Most Iconic Makeup Looks From Euphoria (So Far)

HBO’s Euphoria has change into one in every of my accepted teen dramas for its fever-dream ravishing and biting tone. I if truth be told do not know the scheme lawful-to-life the assert really is – are children really popping molly, overtly having sex in pools at home events, or pistol whipping drug sellers? I’ll enterprise to articulate no, but I love Euphoria anyway, particularly the makeup appears to be like. The makeup – love the assert itself – is manic but gorgeous, at the same time as Season 2 targets for extra “subtle” appears to be like. 

As a teen of the early aughts, my makeup appears to be like had been now not almost as frigid as the children on Euphoria – mediate heavy unlit eyeliner and ultra sticky lip gloss that your hair latched onto each time you moved your head. As a makeup-obsessed person since forward of I turned into even allowed to wear makeup, I’d’ve killed to throw on some cerulean glitter and mega lashes for third length but, alas, that lawful wasn’t the sort then (children this day don’t know the scheme lucky they’re!). Now, as a grown lady of an undisclosed age, I’m making up for misplaced time and filling up my cart with jars of Iridescent Opal Rainbow and Metal Smokey Pyrite glitter (::cries glitter tears of excitement::). It turned into a cultured list to narrow down, but here is my roundup of potentially the most iconic makeup appears to be like from Euphoria to this point: 

(Report credit: HBO)

Jules’ Gold-Foiled Eyes and Glitter Brows

Jules wears this ogle in Season 1 as her interpretation of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo Juliet for a Halloween get collectively, and I’m obsessed. It’s romantic, dreamy, and a little bit gothic – a ogle that inspires the ethereal (and extra or less trippy) vibe of the Luhrmann movie. Even when Jules gets very under the impact of alcohol and dives into the pool fully clothed, she appears to be like angelic swimming throughout the water. What attain that you just could to recreate this ogle? Apart from an everyday hand to assign all that gold foil, you’ll need gold glitter on your eyebrows, gold foil detailing around the corners of your eyes, and a pastel, shimmery smoky scrutinize.

(Report credit: HBO)

Maddy’s Razor-Interesting Double Liner 

This makeup ogle from Season 2 is one in every of Maddy’s extra refined appears to be like. Euphoria’s makeup artist, Doniella Davy, told Us Weekly that the Season 2 makeup is meant to be extra “discoverable” and subtle, in decision to the in-your-face appears to be like of Season 1. Subtle doesn’t must indicate boring, though. A “Maddy soar” is repeatedly utilized with knife-love precision, and this double liner soar will not be any exception! To recreate this ogle, catch your accepted liquid eyeliner pen and the secret weapon: cotton pointers for carving out draw between the lines.

(Report credit: HBO)

Rue’s Glitter Tears 

Right here is inclined to be potentially the most recognizable makeup ogle from the assert: the glitter tears from Season 1. Rue’s sort on Euphoria is continuously lovely relaxed, but she’ll level-headed add a smoky scrutinize and a chaotic smattering of glitter if the mood strikes. It’s an attractive easy ogle to recreate on account of the application is now not meant to be meticulous. The glitter will also level-headed ogle extra or less smudged and unpolished to cease the emotional, and in most cases messy, optimistic of tears. Chances are you’ll perchance say whatever glitter that you just could but the assert uses a glitter gel from Lemonhead LA in Houdini. Gels are in most cases nice pigmented and cease in assign grand more uncomplicated than pressed glitter, so I mediate it’s worth the funding. 

(Report credit: HBO)

Cassie and Maddy’s Rhinestone Eyes 

I’m including each Cassie and Maddy’s makeup appears to be like to assert the vary or now not it is a must to practice your rhinestones! This turned into one in every of Cassie’s boldest appears to be like of Season 1 with a combination of teal and sapphire blue rhinestones outlining the eyes, blue glitter eyeshadow, and thick unlit lashes. Maddy’s makeup ogle, on the masses of hand, is extra magnificent but surely level-headed placing. This particular ogle if truth be told uses pearls in decision to rhinestones, but either can be feeble for a certain buy on Maddy’s signature winged eyeliner.

(Report credit: HBO)

Kat’s Monochromatic Eyeshadow 

Kat’s monochromatic eyeshadow ogle has change into moderately of a signature for Kat and I’m here for it. These are potentially potentially the most provocative makeup appears to be like from Euphoria to recreate on account of you’re handiest the utilization of 1 colour, but they level-headed execute an announcement. You lawful must get the boldest, brightest shadow you can win, practice it on the lids, and blend upwards to the brow. Then add winged eyeliner and a total bunch mascara to total the ogle! 

(Report credit: HBO)

Jules’ 3D Spy Spikes 

Jules wears these scrutinize spikes to the iciness formal they in most cases’re fully out of this world. They additionally ogle love they’ll also extinguish somebody, which I adore. This ogle from Season 1 comes after Jules’ threatening encounter with Nate (the assign he blackmails her after catfishing her for weeks) and it feels love she’s utilized the spikes as armor. Davy even said in an Instagram put up that she wanted “Jules’ eyes to ogle love they’ll also if truth be told crash Nate.” Mission achieved!

If You’re Having a ogle To Recreate These Make-up Appears to be like to be Your self…

I Googled around moderately, and it turns out many of the merchandise feeble on Euphoria come in to catch! So, whilst you occur to’re love me and are attempting to recreate all of these appears to be like ASAP, I place collectively a list of merchandise below. You don’t must be in excessive college to drag them off – the characters from the assert barely ogle love excessive schoolers themselves – but you’ll surely need some BME (Immense Maddy Vitality). 

ColourPop – Blue Moon Eyeshadow Palette

Lemonhead SPACECASE Illuminating MINI Educated-Palette 

Lemonhead Euphoric Glitter Educated-Squad

Salvage Stonned Holographic Rhinestones

Face Lace Spikelihood 3D – while Face Lace relies fully within the UK, you can additionally win their merchandise online at Dolls Murder.

Holographic Face Decals Delusion Plot – I didn’t mention the unheard of cloud eyeliner designs Jules sports in Season 1, but Doniella Davy launched these face decals to enable you to cease the ogle! 

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