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The Most Hated One Share Characters (All Ranked)

With a solid listing in the a full bunch, it’s rarely stunning that One Share has characters who tumble onto the esteem/despise spectrum on the unparalleled of both ends.

Yes, for every smartly-cherished Luffy or Zoro, there are handfulls of characters that inspire rage, frustration, or the worst sin of all – boredom.

Despise could very smartly be a strong word… but we’re taking it correct thru a spacious scope right here. We’re rating now now not moral characters who’re hated for being badly written or doubtlessly ineffective, but moreover characters who’re unsuitable in this kind of mode that moral in actuality gets below our pores and skin.

10. Crafty

It’s already sophisticated to engage a space as a character in basically the most smartly well-known example of a miserable filler arc and make it out unscathed.

But if you happen to’re as easy ineffective, unimportant, and as much of a waste of time as Crafty?

You’re going to bag the despise-stick from the Web, no search records from.

It’s a testomony to how much of an effective blank condominium Crafty is that, in fact, he doesn’t in actuality attain all that much nasty.

He’s extra of a soft annoyance as in contrast with the baddies that approach ahead of & after him.

Which begs the search records from: why even derive him as a character at all?

Gain someone better in his space and do us all from the pointlessness of Crafty. Please!

9. Squard

Being a coward is a moral adequate reason to despise someone.

But by itself, that can perchance fair now now not be moral adequate to make this listing.

Fortunately for us (or sadly for us?) Squard isn’t most efficient a coward, but he’s a traitor too! The worst of both worlds.

His actions differ from taking vengeance against innocent members of the family of the folk he hates, to being extinct-willed adequate to permit one more character (which we’ll duvet almost at the moment) to discuss him into betraying his ally Whitebeard.

Yep, Squard is moral a flat-out worm of a individual.

We could forgive cowardly for the moral reasons. There’s no room for penance in my coronary heart from Squard though.

8. Absalom

Urgh. Staunch having a in finding at this man makes my pores and skin stir – and I bet I’m now now not the ideally gracious one.

If it’s now now not the bodily appearance of the extinct chief of the Zombie Soldiers that presents you the chills, all animal parts stitched together in a impolite manner, then it’s no question his nearly as impolite perversity.

Spying on girls folks in the bath, deliberately looking out for out extinct girls folks for a energy advantage – moral yikes, Absalom.

Whereas you happen to’re lots of a perv that literal zombies derive a degrading nickname for you, then you definately must engage a long in finding in the deem and derive a word with your self!

7. Trebol

In phrases of moral cruelty and senseless violence, Donquioxte Doflamingo is tense to beat.

And what’s the reason he’s the absolute top contrivance he’s?

Explore no additional than Trebol.

Yes, Doflamingo is unquestionably a product of his surroundings. A terribly sadistic, poorly raised form of surroundings.

The person that folks nudge every diversified and recount the cramped one and recount “he’s going to flip out to be a mass-murdering pirate, that one, moral you wait”.

And it’s all on legend of of one wide scruffy hunchback. Trebol is like Doflamingo on steroids – relentlessly unpleasant, cold, and unfeeling, he’d moral as snappy abolish you as recount hi there.

Even supposing the abolish could very smartly be preferable to his greeting.

Especially when he gets a ways too into your personal condominium with all that mucus placing off him.

6. Spandam

You know, for many diversified characters’ flaws, as a minimal they scoot some manner to both turning face again at final, or doing something that helps steadiness out the entire unpleasant stuff they’ve executed.

Obviously, when I make a observation like that it invariably potential whoever I’m talking about is the exact reverse.

Yep it’s Spandam, and my word, I despise him.

Snivelling and cowardly, Spandam would attain anything to impress even a sliver of recognition.

Torturing Nico until she helps him to rebuild a superweapon? No longer beneath his grasping cramped scheming.

And what used to be it serious about? To bag a promotion in the seedy World Authorities.

Men like Spandam are all too customary in the exact world, making it a ways more uncomplicated to despise this cramped weasel.

5. Wapol

I desire Wapol didn’t in finding so frigid.

It makes it lots more durable to steadiness out the entire cowardly stuff he’s executed in my mind!

But seriously, Wapol is a spineless jellyfish of the very ideally gracious recount. On the first label of bother in his kingdom, he’s running off in the reverse route.

Obviously, this implies leaving his helpless topics to fend for themselves. Did I now now not point out he used to be the ruler of the Drum Kingdom?

And that’s now now not even the entire of it – we can moreover encompass removing the total dominion’s ideally gracious doctors to are inclined to moral him, leaving every person else in excessive hazard at any time when they bag in miserable health or injured.

It doesn’t subject how frigid he appears to be like. Walpol is straight-up irredeemable.

4. Akainu

Whereas many of the characters that made this listing are unsuitable for multiple senseless acts or repeated miserable behavior (to effect it lightly), Akainu has garnered the outrage of the followers for moral one act.


When Ace stepped in entrance of Luffy to do his existence and took a killing blow from the chief of the Marines, that used to be the entire fanbase desired to blacklist him from their hearts.

And who can blame them? No longer me, that’s evidently.

If fact be told, this act used to be so reviled that most folk don’t even despise him for his ultra-impolite do of Absolute Justice.

And it takes loads to push aside that.

It’s like they recount: make a thousand bridges and abolish one cherished character, and no-one calls you a bridge-builder.

3. Sterry

This is share one among our “substandard rich greater class member” share over the following two entries.

Sterry is presumably basically the most punchable out of any character in the entire recount.

He moral oozes smug self-centered conceitedness from head to foot. You’d question a certain royal air from a King, but this kid is contrivance extra Joffrey than he’s, smartly, most diversified regents!

He elevates money and space above even being a literal hero. And someone who doesn’t derive what he has is automatically his lesser.

Repeat after me – space and money mean nothing if every person hates you.

2. Saint Charloss

Saint Charloss beats out Sterry in the “substandard greater class stakes” for a couple of reasons – to start with is his ceaseless and remorseless cruelty.

It’s now now not even moral the subject of torturing slaves to the brink of loss of life. It’s the gleeful laughter while he does so that in actuality marks him as one among the worst of the worst.

He’s moreover a simpering, snivelling coward, who sucks up to his father with one aspect of his face, and lords his energy over every person else with the diversified aspect.

It’s obtained to engage something special to be hated bigger than this man, moral?

1. Arlong

This is one among the earliest characters to seem in One Share, and Arlong is above and previous the comfort with regards to being a shallow, ignorant, and violent fragment of rubbish.

He’s very fast to arouse, with his unpleasant temper almost about main to a town being burnt down for the slightest distress.

But the exact reason he’s so universally reviled is his flat-out bigoted views on folk.

Humans and Fishermen mixing is an thought that fully disgusts him. Humans, he believes, are moral genetically unsuitable in every that you can factor in manner.

Sound familiar? It fits up with so many slim-minded folk in society this present day.

The recount must be rightfully praised for shiny a spotlight on exact-world considerations. So we can all relaxation assured that Arlong is well-known, hated, and justifiably #1 on this listing.

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