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The Mataró Monumental Theater improves accessibility for people with hearing problems

  • Although the service is reserved only for some functions, the goal is to extend its use to all representations

With the beginning of the Theater and Dance Season, installed on the stage of the Monumental Theater of Mataró (Maresme) four ambient microphones to improve sound reception. A sound table has also been installed that works as the transmitter towards some small receiving devices that will be provided to members of the public who request it and that have the intention of improving accessibility to the people with hearing problems.

These receivers will come with headphones that will also be provided in the theater or can be brought from home. Thus, there will be twenty-four devices and headphones that will facilitate the reception of the sound of the show in a clearer way, without noise or disturbances by the ambient sound of the room.

The City Council explains that there is also the possibility of not using headphones and that certain hearing aids or personal hearing aids are to be linked with the small receiver that will be delivered to those who request it before each show. “This possibility is determined by the technical characteristics of each device”, they clarify. Thus, this initiative will be offered to the public of the Monumental Theater for free, and the objective is to extend its use to all functions that are represented.

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