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The Law & Order: SVU Character Everyone Forgets Bob Saget Played

Bob Saget is one of many different tall names who regarded on “Regulations & Assert: Special Victims Unit” for honest one episode. He performed a personality who change into once a much cry from the lovable Danny Tanner from “Fat Home.” Saget starred in Season 8, Episode 9 (“Choreographed”), the put he performed Glenn Cheales — an obsessive husband who vegetation a monitoring chip in his unknowing critical other, Naomi Cheales (Catherine Bell). Glenn suspects Naomi is cheating on him, so he tracks her every sprint, and he appears to be correct.

Naomi has an affair with her ideal friend Wesley Masoner (Chris Sarandon), however it’s his mannequin critical other, Danielle Masoner (Kristine Szabo), who ends up ineffective. Whereas Wesley is the NYPD’s top suspect attributable to his affair and the suspicious death of his critical other, it’s printed within the episode’s third act that Glenn is de facto the assassin. Glenn had tried to body Wesley, however Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) figured out his recreation.

The drama doesn’t cease at Glenn’s arrest, however. It appears the chip he planted in his critical other change into once performed with an unsterilized needle, and she’s long gone septic. Naomi furthermore has a liver condition, and Glenn’s meddling with her body presents her a death sentence. Her liver ends up failing, and she handiest has 48 hours to are living unless a closing-minute donor may possibly furthermore be found. Glenn is a match, however he’s not eligible to donate since he’s beneath arrest. Olivia and Elliot are ready to tug some strings and work some magic so Glenn can donate a lobe of his liver to attach his dying critical other. The closing we explore of Glenn is after the surgical procedure, as his gurney rolls previous his critical other who can barely stand to request at him.

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