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The Kayce Scene That Went Too A ways On Yellowstone


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By Kim Bell/Jan. 2, 2022 7: 44 pm EST

In its first three seasons, Taylor Sheridan’s “Yellowstone” wowed audiences and critics alike by making an strive to strike a steadiness between the realities of lifestyles for many in Montana, and the commonly cross, if legend, mythology of “The American West.” In Season 4, alternatively, some followers are noticing a flip in route and writing that’s viewed characters evolve into caricatures, and connected space lines and subject matters take hold of a serve seat to testosterone-fueled melodrama and pointless free ends. As television author Amanda Whiting observes, “The season’s new storylines are sensational if disconnected from the present’s central theme” (thru Indiewire). 

Few characters this season haven’t, at some level, fallen prey to those irregular and “sensational” new spins on the story, and Luke Grimes’ Kayce Dutton is no exception. There’s one scene, alternatively, that if truth be told takes the cake by manner of unsuitable “correct too significant-ness.” In Season 4, Episode 3, titled “All I Gawk Is You,” Kayce is approached, as Farm animals Commissioner, to deal with a dispute between a prolonged-time cattle rancher (and Montana native) and the rancher’s neighbor — a “rich Californian” and outsider. Whereas the dispute itself rang factual for many viewers, Kayce’s facing of it used to be, to suppose the least, baffling. 

Kayce’s abuse of his strength came off as silly

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In the episode, a pissed off cattle rancher named Emmett (Buck Taylor) asks Kayce to “build one thing” about his new neighbor Ralph (Jonathan Kells Phillips) who’s assign cattle guards on an easement on his property, stopping Emmett from shifting his cattle over acknowledged easement and interfering with the rancher’s livelihood. Emmett explains that he’s tried the entire lot, including lawyers, to earn the unrelenting neighbor to permit him to make exercise of the easement. So, what does Farm animals Commissioner Kayce Dutton build in define to ease tensions between the warring neighbors? Naturally, he breaks loads of authorized pointers, including wrongful imprisonment by tying Ralph up and shutting him inside his maintain cattle grate.

If this used to be supposed for instance Kayce “turning to the dark facet,” as a diagram to keep in touch, and allowing his Dutton-bred machismo to exercise out over his higher angels, it did now not build so fair because Kayce’s actions aren’t correct aggressive and vengeful — they’re illogical. John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and his staunch minions may perchance presumably wish a “exercise in any appreciate costs” advance to facing war, but there’s repeatedly some semblance of rationale within the principles they rupture along the diagram. 

Kayce’s response to a disagreeable neighbor at a loss for words many

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Rather than providing some comely product placement for Dodge Ram vehicles, it’s refined to decipher the common sense slack Kayce’s uncharacteristically petty action. As u/NukularWinter pointed out on a Reddit dialogue relating to the scene, there maintain been loads of rather a few ways each and every Emmett and Kayce may perchance presumably maintain handled the snotty, cartoon of a Californian’s refusal to grab away the guards. “Used to be I the most attention-grabbing particular person thinking that a dumptruck plump of gravel would maintain sorted that cattle guard, and as a bonus left an huge mess for the d****e man to clear?” requested a fan. “I would maintain thrown down a few items of plywood and proceeded to employ my easement, as is my factual steady,” wrote u/Creepydoc, including that “It’s cherish no person (on the present) has ever moved cattle over a guard earlier than.” 

In a single other Reddit thread, u/BNMiller31 puzzled what Kayce’s motivation or “endgame” may perchance presumably maybe be: “how does stuffing the CA man within the shallow cattle guard hole within the spoil aid unravel the order?” they requested. To be clear, it doesn’t. The cattle guard is indifferent there, and Emmett will indifferent maintain to truck his cattle in.

Useless to suppose, now now not everyone hated the cartoonish scene. As u/No-Doc-932 wrote, “it’s the entirely unhinged, out of pocket scenes cherish this that kill the present for me. It’s so comedic in this absurdist manner that’s much like cherish MacGruber or Frightening Movie.” The fan admitted, alternatively, that this seemingly wasn’t “the intent of the present’s creators.” However brooding about how a model of this make of scene audiences maintain been subjected to this season, it does kill one wonder. 

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