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The judge orders the release of Djocovik from his isolation

The Australian Justice has decided that Novac Djocovik leave his isolation and validate his entry visa into the country, although he is not vaccinated.In the hearing held this early Spanish time, his lawyers have defended that Djokovic made a complete travel statement that It included proof of his medical exemption due to his Dec. 16 Covid infection. They have avoided commenting on the photographs that the tennis player himself published on the same day of his positive assumption and the following days, surrounded by people and without a mask.Djocovik entered Australia last week to participate in the tennis tournament and since then he has been confined in a hotel, at whose doors his followers have demonstrated. Today's decision, seven days before the start of the tournament, allows Djocovik to participate in the first grand slam of the season and condemns the Australian Government to pay the costs of the trial and the stay of the tennis player in the confinement hotel.

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