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The Jackass Stunts That Steve-O Can’t Bear To Watch

In a 2020 interview with skateboarding podcast The Nine Club, Steve-O explained that despite the slapstick nature of the “Jackass” assortment, he tries to withhold some distance flung from seeing any stunt the effect somebody is likely going to bag impolite physical accidents from their participation. When further asked if there were any particular forms of stunts that he can merely by no manner undergo to search out, he had a definitive reply: any stunt animated his co-star Johnny Knoxville and bulls, that are notoriously aggressive animals.

“Knoxville has continuously felt unaccountable for whatever he did in the presence of bulls,” Steve-O explained in the interview. Steve-O’s fears about the risky nature of these stunts aren’t fully fraudulent. Fans might very properly be conscious that Knoxville became time and again hospitalized all over the filming of “Jackass Eternally,” with the most egregious incident owing to a stunt that enthusiastic him doing a magic trick in a bull ring. The bull rammed Knoxville, who suffered a brain hemorrhage, to boot to an entire lot of damaged bones.

It’s unknown if the “Jackass” crew will ever strive but some other bull-related stunt in future outings after this most fashioned incident, despite the undeniable truth that concerned with Knoxville’s long-time propensity for bringing the animal into varied bits, there’s a accurate likelihood that followers haven’t seen savor seen the final of them on the assortment. Fans can leisure assured, on the opposite hand, that if Knoxville comes face-to-face with a bull as soon as more, Steve-O might no longer be observing that particular confrontation head-on.

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