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The identity of the father of the son of Ivonne Reyes revealed

The last weeks have not been easy for Ivonne Reyes , Pepe Navarro

and the son in discord, Alejandro Reyes. Since 1995, the relationship between the presenter and the Venezuelan has been source of constant news , so much so that 26 years later everything that revolves around the couple is an absolute unknown.

So is the paternity of the model's son . And it is that, since the son of Reyes was born, the presenter has maintained that Pepe Navarro is the father of the young man, while the presenter has been denying this statement for years.

So great has been the tug of war that they have maintained that the protagonists ended up living an eternal legal battle that culminated in a judicial decision that Navarro did not like at all : justice determined that Pepe was the father of the then minor after the presenter's repeated refusals to take a DNA test.

Now, several years later, Ivonne and Pepe are once again in the focus of the news with a cascade of information that is put on the presenter's side, that they disassemble the version of the model and that would have answered the great unknown of this topic: who is the father of Ivonne Reyes' son.

It has been the program presented by María Patiño, ' Socialité ', the one who has taken a step forward, thus dismantling the version of the Venezuelan.

As confirmed from the end space week of Telecinco, the real father of Yvonne Reyes' son would be a millionaire businessman who was paying the Venezuelan a pension of 6,000 euros per month from 1999, the year in which Alejandro was born, until 2002 , at which point it fails ció.

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