The ‘iCarly’ Revival Finds Miranda Cosgrove Showing Some Love To Her Beloved ‘Drake & Josh’ Meme, And People’s Minds Are Blown

Miranda Cosgrove is back as Carly Shay, the web show creator of the Nickelodeon teen show iCarly, which is now, in its Paramount iteration, about twentysomethings. But it’s arguably not what the actress is most known for. Much like today’s young-uns mostly know Robert Redford from a much-used gif hailing from 1972’s Jeremiah Johnson, so is Cosgrove most frequently seen as a favorite meme taken from her Drake & Josh days.

On that show, which predated iCarly by a few years, Cosgrove played Megan, the younger sister to the title stars, played by Drake Bell and Josh Peck. One image from that has kept the show alive: the tween Cosgrove sitting in front of an old school desktop, holding a can of Coke, and smirking. It can usually be found lurking about Twitter, with the word “Interesting…” wirtten underneath.

Well, Cosgrove appears to be quite well aware that her much younger self lives on in meme form. Wouldn’t you know she recreated the internet-iconic moment in the opening sequence to the iCarly reboot.

When people discovered this, minds, they were blown.

Some even already started using the new recreation as its own meme.

The iCarly revival finds most of the cast back, with the notable exception of Jeanette McCurdy, who played Sam Puckett, one of our hero’s co-hosts. It’s not out of some bad blood or anything. McCurdy is simply, and let’s hope happily, retired.