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The Hilarious Way Robert Pattinson Totally Ruined His Transformers 2 Audition

In a fresh, lengthy interview with GQ Journal, Pattinson talked in regards to the early days of his Hollywood occupation and the plot in which being himself within the auditioning room — a Brit auditioning for American roles — felt enjoy an uphill fight. He felt enjoy no subject how marvelous his audition used to be, casting brokers always judged his American accent with a raised eyebrow. So in expose to strive to diminish by means of the stigma, he’d stroll into the audition pretending to be an American and keep up a correspondence in his American accent the total time.

Then he used to be in a diminutive bit movie that debuted in 2008, one which you’d also or also can no longer enjoy heard of — “Twilight.” Rapidly after the movie hit theaters and his title became internationally known, Pattinson bought called in to audition for one other puny-potatoes franchise movie from indie darling Michael Bay called “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.” Sarcasm apart, even supposing each person knew his title on the time, Pattinson collected suffered from a clear quantity of imposter syndrome and collected felt enjoy a diminutive bit British fish auditioning for roles in a sizable, American pond — and tried to pull his improv trick in front of casting brokers who knew exactly who he used to be.

Useless to claim, he didn’t net the role. But seeing as how his next mountainous transfer is playing the titular personality in Warner Bros.’ “The Batman,” we don’t deem he’s losing any sleep at evening for missing out on that alternative.

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