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The Government sets today the maximum price of antigen tests

The Interministerial Commission on Drug Prices, a collegiate body of the Ministry of Health d which other ministries and autonomous communities are part of, will limit this Thursday the maximum price of the self-diagnosis test of antigens.

The commission will meet in an extraordinary meeting from 10 am to set a maximum price of these tests, that since before Christmas chains weeks of maximum sales given the escalation of coronavirus cases, which has stressed the market to the point of being reflected in its cost.

If it has not been done before, according to the Executive, it is because before there was solve the problem of scarcity.

“The debate we had before or during this Christmas has been , above all, about the offer of these tests; there was an exponential increase in demand but not in supply. This issue is now resolved; now we will get to control the price of the antigen test “, said Pedro Sánchez when announcing this measure last Monday.

Uploads of up to 100%

According to the consumer association Facua, the lack of these self-diagnostic tests has led to price increases of up to one hundred percent; through the analysis of 150 pharmacies in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville, Valencia and Vitoria, it found prices that ranged between 4.95 and 10 euros.

The Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño -one of the departments that are part of the Interministerial- said yesterday that the intention is to lower the price “what possible because it is something of first necessity “, although” the communities have different approaches “.

” Now is the time, It is necessary to fix prices. I bought at 7-8 euros and it cannot be. In addition to the reduction in VAT, we have to make sure that producers and intermediaries do not have extraordinary benefits. “

The PP has asked that the price it sets be 2 euros and that it be considered free of charge evidence for those who cannot pay them due to their income level, while Ciudadanos would applaud the liberalization of the sale in supermarkets at a price of between 2 or 3 euros.

The Executive maintains that the liberalization of the sale is not on the table , first of all, for a security issue.

But the large distribution chains such as Alcampo, Carrefour, El Corte Inglés, Ikea or MediaMarkt insist in offering to sell antigen tests to facilitate their distribution between citizenship and help fight the tsunami of contagions omicron derivatives.

According to the National Association of Large Companies Distribution (Anged), which also groups Apple Retail, Bricomart, C&A, Conforama, Costco, Eroski, FNAC, Leroy Merlin, Tendam, Toys`R`Us, Sarton, Worten and Dufry, this measure “would allow a massive distribution the tests and substantially lower the price “.

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Meanwhile, the General Council of Pharmaceutical Colleges has applauded that the price is finally limited because it will end the au “excessive” costs and stresses in the market of which these professionals have also been “victims”.

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