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The Giant Cow begins 2022

From the Obsession A2 Club in Santander they explain that this year they have worked “very hard” to make La Vaca Gigante moo again. Only thanks to the efforts of all the people involved (workers, collaborators, institutions and sponsors) will it be possible to enjoy this competition again.

They assure that “it will be a safe competition both at land and sea level, since it is the most important point for surfers to give their approval to participate in one of the most complicated waves that currently exist in Europe; and that the public can enjoy it with tranquility ».

What is it: A surfing championship in giant waves

Day: Wednesday, January 12

Time: 09:00h to 17:00h

Area: La Cantera-Cueto, Santander (Cantabria).

This Tuesday we will make a post with all the details on how to access.

It is recommended to wear sports clothing and appropriate footwear: preferably mountain boots or katiuskas.

Covid: It is a very large open-air natural space. But since many people will come, it is advisable to wear the mask at all times and respect the safety distance.

Price: Free.

Prohibitions: Make drones fly.

Will there be streaming? Yes, on the Club's YouTube channel @ obsessiona2.

Catering : Cueto's bars and restaurants will welcome you with open arms and a varied gastronomic offer. There will also be a food truck in the competition area.

# LaVaca SinPlastico : Bring a bag / backpack and do not throw anything on the ground or into the sea. Respect the environment. Thank you.

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