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The Friends Multiverse Theory That’ll Change How You Watch The Series


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By Brooke Knappenberger/Feb. 7, 2022 8: 14 pm EST

“Mates” is no doubt one in all the most well-liked TV sitcoms of all time. The sequence sees six young adults get into some horny hilarious antics whereas living in New York City. It took off when it premiered back in 1994 and has since grown into a bonafide phenomenon with a huge fanbase that stays trusty at the same time as of late. If truth be told, in a peep performed by OnePoll, 43% out of two,000 participants selected “Mates” as essentially the most moving TV demonstrate of all time (via New York Each day Data). Additionally, “Mates” success led its cast members, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer, to be launched into reputation.

However even though it’ll be smartly-loved, “Mates” has a ton of continuity errors eagle-eyed fans maintain spotted over time. For one, Monica’s condo number modified from 5 in Season 1 to 20 in Season 2. Additionally, there’s the proven fact that Chandler talked about he develop into as soon as 25 years ancient within the Season 1 episode “The One with the Birth,” making him the youngest of the community, nonetheless then later in Season 7, the gang celebrates Rachel’s 30th birthday and it’s talked about that she’s the last of the community to hit the milestone. Some things great don’t add up, nonetheless one fan pointed out a principle that will well perhaps uncover the demonstrate’s inconsistencies.

Each and each Mates episode is made up our minds in a particular truth with different persona versions

Masses of “Mates” fans maintain shared their peculiar theories within the previous, which would possibly well perhaps fair trade the contrivance you witness the demonstrate, nonetheless none bigger than what Reddit user friendszonepod instructed. Within the Reddit thread, the fan pointed out several inconsistent foremost points from the demonstrate which would possibly well perhaps be laborious to ignore, equivalent to modified names, birthdays, and apartments. However friendszonepod explained that the inconsistencies are a outcomes of how every episode of “Mates” supposedly takes narrate in a particular truth. They wrote, “The characters additionally seem to electrify now now not maintain any power memory of the occasions of some newest episodes. It develop into as soon as nearly as within the event they’d different recollections, different relationships, different names every time they appeared.”

The user additionally talked about the proven fact that the demonstrate has already entertained the postulate of separate realities within the Season 6 two-half episode, “The One That Might per chance perhaps well Possess Been.” They went on to mark that with the exception of Monica’s altering look and the pre-credits scene space within the “typical” timeline, the inconsistencies are a considerable clue that the characters are different versions of themselves. So the subsequent time you’re questioning why Ross is ingesting ice cream despite his hatred for it or why Rachel’s title develop into as soon as spelled wrong on Ross and Emily’s wedding invitation, they would possibly well perhaps fair great be different versions of the characters.

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