The First Reactions To ‘The Suicide Squad’ Agree That James Gunn Will Knock Your Socks Off With This Relaunch


With a little over a week to go until The Suicide Squad bursts into theaters and HBO Max, the first social media reactions to advance screenings are rolling in, and the consensus is in: James Gunn was the perfect choice to direct for what he affectionally calls “the sh*tty supervillains movie.”

Before the movie even hit, fans were already head over heels for King Shark, and he’s apparently one of the highlights, but judging by the reactions, The Suicide Squad is firing on all cylinders as people praise Gunn for the film’s wild and irreverent tone. The word “gory” also keeps getting tossed around, but right alongside “fun” and “epic,” so it appears that The Suicide Squad is the absolute wild ride that it looked like in the trailers.

Here are just some of the reactions pouring in:

😱Wow #TheSuicideSquad I need time to process what I just witnessed. This movie in 3 words: GORE, CHAOS, FUN! Y’all 🤯 I cannot wait to watch it again…seriously it was a wild ride from beginning to end. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 This 👏🏼 movie 👏🏼 was 👏🏼 epic!

— Lis.Wonder🇨🇺 #SOSCUBA (@LisWonder1) July 27, 2021

Got to see an early screening of #TheSuicideSquad , James Gunn once again has hit it out of the park. By far my favorite recent DC movie. Be sure to see this one on the biggest screen that you can! Also, King Shark rocks!!!

— carter (@carternotonfilm) July 27, 2021

Considering the circumstances of James Gunn’s hiring on #TheSuicideSquad, one could forgive him for doing it on autopilot. But he doesn’t. Not only is it clever and heartfelt, but the movie does some damn fun artistic stuff with its filmmaking. It ain’t just blockbuster coverage.

— Avishai ✡ Weinberger (@avishaiw) July 27, 2021

#TheSuicideSquad is VERY much my kind of weird. Wildly colorful characters, non-stop bizarre behavior, a whole lotta blood, rats, a giant alien kaiju – and I was here for every ounce of it. And turns out, I did already get the poker chip for my favorite character after all …

— Perri Nemiroff (@PNemiroff) July 27, 2021

The Suicide Squad is PURE ADRENALINE from start to finish! @JamesGunn goes FULL James Gunn & it is GLORIOUS! I fell in love with EVERY SINGLE Squad member! Best Harley performance! Polka-Dot Man & Ratcatcher 2 are standouts! 🔥 soundtrack, insane bloody action! #TheSuicideSquad

— Tessa Smith – Mama’s Geeky (@MamasGeeky) July 27, 2021

It’s so funny because I don’t remember dropping acid before watching #TheSuicideSquad but I must have!

What a fabulously grotesque ride @JamesGunn took me on. My DC loving, nerd beating heart is so happy.

My favorite Harley Quinn we’ve seen yet.

Buckle up 🤯 @SuicideSquadWB

— Roxy Striar (@roxystriar) July 27, 2021

Here’s the official synopsis from Warner Bros:

Welcome to hell — a.k.a. Belle Reve, the prison with the highest mortality rate in the US of A. Where the worst Super-Villains are kept and where they will do anything to get out—even join the super-secret, super-shady Task Force X. Today’s do-or-die assignment? Assemble a collection of cons, including Bloodsport, Peacemaker, Captain Boomerang, Ratcatcher 2, Savant, King Shark, Blackguard, Javelin and everyone’s favorite psycho, Harley Quinn. Then arm them heavily and drop them (literally) on the remote, enemy-infused island of Corto Maltese. Trekking through a jungle teeming with militant adversaries and guerrilla forces at every turn, the Squad is on a search-and-destroy mission with only Colonel Rick Flag on the ground to make them behave…and Amanda Waller’s government techies in their ears, tracking their every movement. And as always, one wrong move and they’re dead (whether at the hands of their opponents, a teammate, or Waller herself). If anyone’s laying down bets, the smart money is against them—all of them.

The Suicide Squad hits theaters and HBO Max on August 6.