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The Fantastic Four Easter Egg We Never Saw In Black Widow

In 2019, the Walt Disney Firm made a prime industry switch by acquiring with out a doubt one of its chief opponents, 20th Century Fox, for $71.3 billion. In doing so, Disney won the film rights to several liked Marvel Comics characters, thus making them stunning sport to be a part of the MCU down the line. That meant that no longer handiest would the X-Men include a shot at joining the sprawling franchise, nevertheless the Estimable Four may perchance well perhaps likely elevate out the identical. As it turns out, “Sunless Widow” practically role the stage for the latter group’s arrival.

In an October 2021 interview with IGN, “Sunless Widow” screenwriter Eric Pearson talked about the in the support of-the-scenes abilities of striking such an past due MCU installment collectively. He discussed some of the major Easter eggs he snuck into the script, as smartly as to revealing which of them didn’t manufacture the in the reduction of. “I would’ve had a reference to [Doctor Doom’s home country] Latveria in there — I would include, nevertheless I don’t include so,” he stated with a snicker, noting that he doesn’t enjoy the premise lasting too long earlier than they scrapped altogether.

Dr. Victor von Doom is arguably with out a doubt some of the most injurious villains to name the Marvel universe home. The ruler of Latveria, he’s continuously at odds with the Estimable Four and with reference to any numerous hero who decides to stand in his draw. To this point, he has handiest looked in are living-action a handful of cases, even supposing none of these incarnations lasted long, nor did they seize the essence of the Marvel Comics mainstay. It stands to purpose he, Latveria, and Marvel’s First Family may perchance be a part of the MCU soon, nevertheless evidently, “Sunless Widow” wasn’t the trusty role to tease their introduction.

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