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The enigma of a cancellation: 'The mysteries of Laura' returns eight years later in the form of a film

Beyond all the cases counted and studied in The mysteries of Laura, surely the strangest is that of its cancellation. The series, a humorous detective police bet produced by Grupo Boomerang for RTVE, began broadcasting in 2009, with audience data that exceeded two million viewers and with a second season that averaged three million fans . The third, issued in 2014, was the last of all. Then it achieved an average of 2,455,000 viewers, a figure that today would be excellent, but then it did not seem enough for TVE. The series remained for months in limbo, without renewing or canceling. Finally, it was confirmed that there would be no more chapters and that the plots that were left unclosed would remain that way. Now, eight years later, inspector Laura Lebrel, played by actress María Pujalte, is back with Laura and the mystery of the unexpected murderer, a television movie that La 1 premieres the night of Thursday, January 13, although it remains to be seen if there will be more cases on the horizon.

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Since the broadcast of the last chapter, time has passed not only for the characters in the series, but also for its actors: on December 22, when Pujalte answers these questions on his mobile, he turns 55. He has not lacked work since then, having roles in both movies —Es por tu bien (2017) or Elisa y Marcela (2019)— as on television —Vote Juan (2019) or Merlí: Sapere Aude (2019)—. But in this timeframe, both Agent Lebrel's police nose and Pujalte's freshness to interpret her remain intact: “I had no hope that they would take her back, and I was very surprised when they called me. But the good news is that we are back”.

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TVE prepares the return of 'The mysteries of Laura'

In this new adventure, set in times of a pandemic and in the boom of technology, social networks and 5G, the series will not only offer the viewer a new case, but will also answer the questions that have arisen over the years : what has happened to the protagonists, what are they doing now or what is the relationship between them. In the case of Laura, as a result of an event told in the film, she now dedicates herself to running a rural house, with an ecological garden, far from license plates and police stations. But an apparently perfect crime, and the desperate search for answers by her former colleagues, who need her cunning to find the culprit, will make her return to the ring. “The screenwriters Javier Holgado and Carlos Vila, I think with good success and in an intelligent way, pose what has happened to the characters during these years through the mystery that they are going to solve, and that is very nice. Hard things have also happened to them in these years. Everything has a more twilight light, but it is beautiful because it is something vital”, Pujalte values.

Oriol Tarrasón, María Pujalte , César Camino and Laura Pamplona repeat their usual roles in 'The mysteries of Laura'.

At first, says the actress, she was “intrigued” with this new story and what it had brought her character in these years, something that had to be “cared for and pampered”. But after reading the script, with a “shot of emotion” involved, she was “very happy” with the result. “We are still us, the public will recognize our characters, and everything is quite coherent and believable,” says the protagonist.

Love for his character

She confesses between laughs that, although she likes detective novels, she cannot say that she was a devourer of Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes, but she enjoys and has always been “very happy” playing Laura Lebrel: “When they gave me this character I thought : 'Maria, this is a gift that never happens, maybe only once in a lifetime', because it's not that easy to be given a character like that. At that time, character fiction was hardly made in Spain, that is, a series that revolved around a protagonist. So that made it even more exceptional. So I gave myself body and soul. And then, seeing the result, the reception they had among the public, the acceptance, the affection and everything else… How can I not adore my Laurita? I will be 70 years old and will continue to be my Laurita”.

Inspector Laura Lebrel in a moment of 'Laura and the mystery of the unexpected murderer'.

Pujalte falls short of words to describe the admiration she feels for her character, so much so that she does not even dare to compare herself with her: “I am much dumber, she is a crack and a heroine . He is a very intelligent person, very talented in what he does.” The actress recounts that on one occasion, speaking with a police inspector, she told him “hey, I have a few colleagues like that, like what you are doing, women who seem to not know anything, discreet, who go unnoticed , in which no one would notice, but very well formed, with some heads… Some cracks”. And that is how he likes to think of Laura Lebrel, whom he “dreams of acting again”, to continue being happy while making others happy.

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