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The Ending Of Dexter: New Blood Explained


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By Brandon Rowe/Jan. 9, 2022 12: 53 am EST/Updated: Jan. 9, 2022 1: 06 am EST

Contains spoilers for “Dexter: Contemporary Blood” Season 1, Episode 10 — “Sins of the Father”

It changed into no doubt understandable why so many “Dexter” followers were skeptical of “Dexter: Contemporary Blood” when Showtime first introduced plans for the series (by The Hollywood Reporter). The final episode of “Dexter” is one among essentially the most universally despised series finales within the historical previous of television (by TVLine). On the different hand, over the route of its first season, “Dexter: Contemporary Blood” would seem to have proven itself a valued continuation of the usual series. The penultimate episode of the reboot’s first season, Episode 9 (“The Household Industry”), within the imply time sits at a 9.7 out of 10 rating on IMDb, no doubt a a lot divulge from the usual series finale of “Dexter,” which is within the imply time most provocative managing 4.6 stars on the identical location. 

As opinions and reactions for the finale of “Dexter: Contemporary Blood” continue to flood in, it is going to be provocative to gape if followers of the series address this as a extra definitive ending or want to gape it because the foremost a part of a brand glossy entry of the franchise. Right here’s a rapid explainer in regards to the save aside the final episode leaves things.

Kurt Caldwell seals Dexter’s destiny by mirroring Trinity in a system

First and foremost introduced because the kind-hearted owner of a native commerce (a little surprisingly no longer named the Krusty Krab), Kurt Caldwell (Clancy Brown) is slowly printed to be a monster who murders helpless ladies folks. Even supposing Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) kills and dismembers Kurt in Episode 9, the uninteresting serial killer’s presence serene looms orderly over the events of the season finale. Within the penultimate episode of this season, Dexter discovers that Kurt is leaving him with two parting items, circulate which replicate essentially the most putrid crime of one among Dexter’s most provocative enemies.

Sooner than he finishes up sealed in plastic, Kurt gadgets fire to Dexter’s cabin and mails Iron Lake Police Chief Angela Bishop (Julia Jones) a letter that proves Dexter killed Matt Caldwell (Steve M. Robertson). Kurt’s closing actions are very comparable to these of Arthur Mitchell (aka Trinity) (John Lithgow) within the Season 4 finale of the usual “Dexter” series. In that episode, Dexter murders Trinity and returns dwelling most provocative to search that Trinity has already murdered his accomplice, Rita (Julie Benz), and left his son, Harrison, crying in a pool of blood. Irrespective of technically a hit the battle, few would contest that Dexter someway lost the war with Trinity.

Equally, Kurt’s letter to Angela and his subsequent burning of Dexter’s cabin at once consequence in Dexter’s arrest within the finale. As she stands over the smoldering remnants of Dexter’s cabin, Angela locates a titanium screw that beforehand held Matt’s leg together. With the final proof she wants, Angela arrests Dexter for execute and makes a rapid call to one Angel Batista (David Zayas) of the Miami Metro Police Department. Once extra, Dexter’s enemy bests him from the beyond.

Dexter’s destiny is unexpected, but no longer in every system

After a long time of execute and dismemberment, Dexter someway meets his have consequence within the final moments of “Dexter: Contemporary Blood.” The closing episode sees the smartly-known serial killer cornered at all angles by his worn female friend, Iron Lake Police Chief Angela Bishop, who guarantees to extradite the incorrect Bay Harbor Butcher to Florida, the save aside he will no doubt face the death penalty. Unwilling to accept his destiny, Dexter makes a mad-breeze win far from the detention middle, leaving a bloody path within the system. Dexter rushes to Harrison (Jack Alcott), however the elder Morgan’s killing of Sergeant Logan (Alano Miller) is a step too far for the younger serial killer in coaching, who recognizes that Dexter’s actions violate the code. 

At Harrison’s urging, Dexter considers the plethora of innocent folk who’ve died as a outcomes of his actions. We see flashes of Logan, LaGüerta (Lauren Vélez), Doakes (Erik King), Lundy (Keith Carradine), Harry (James Remar), Rita, and Debra (Jennifer Carpenter), all folk who suffered untimely deaths due to the their proximity to Dexter. Faced with the fact of his previous, Dexter admits that Harrison is correct and invites his son to shoot him within the chest. Whereas no longer precisely the identical as “Dexter: Contemporary Blood” showrunner Clyde Phillips’ usual belief for the “Dexter” series finale, the highlighting of Dexter’s genuinely innocent victims represents a the same legend preference in that Dexter is someway compelled to purchase obligation for his actions, factual forward of his have death.

Harrison teaches Dexter the which system of actual like

For the period of “Dexter” and “Dexter: Contemporary Blood,” Dexter makes it determined that he’s unable to feel ample emotion, despite how accepted he could well perchance additionally appear to a pair folk. In Season 1, Episode 1 (“Dexter”), he says, “Individuals false a vogue of human interactions, but I hold like I false all of them, and I false them totally.” By the prime of the series, Dexter admits that his emotional mimicry and violent urges will repeatedly afflict these shut to him. He abandons Harrison to spare him the suffering. In furtherance of this aim, Dexter also within the starting save aside refuses to have the relaxation to assemble with Harrison when he arrives in Iron Lake.

On the different hand, despite pleas from Debra’s postmortem manifestation, Dexter at final embraces Harrison as a son, instructing him the code and even provocative him into his execute room. Sadly, Debra’s pleas would seem to were smartly based. The code is someway proven unable to forestall Dexter from harming a vogue of innocent folk. Realizing that Dexter is the particular person accountable for just a few of the suffering in his existence, Harrison overtly blames his father for his mother’s execute, his aunt’s death, and his have darkish inclinations. Harrison screams, “Start your eyes and quandary at what you’ve done!” 

Slowly, Dexter comes to grips with the fact in Harrison’s phrases, telling Harrison that he deserves a bigger existence and a bigger father. Aesthetic sooner than Harrison shoots his father, Dexter notes, “I’ve never genuinely felt like. Proper like. Till now.” It has no doubt taken some time for him to study, but Dexter’s closing moments appear to give him some belief of what it system to in actuality be human.

Harrison leaves Iron Lake for an uncertain future

It’s complex to show the save aside things could well perchance gallop after this function of a finale. With the titular character ineffective, the long bustle appears a little restricted. For sure, any speculation about to any extent additional doable seasons of “Dexter: Contemporary Blood” is sure to focal level on Dexter’s son, Harrison, who leaves Iron Lake with no particular vacation space in thoughts. As Harrison departs Iron Lake, he reads an outdated letter written by Dexter to Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski), wherein his father affectionately refers to Harrison as his “phantom limb” and says that a accepted existence will never be seemingly for Harrison, so long as he’s round. Whereas one interpretation of this scene is that Harrison can stay a accepted existence now that his father is ineffective, a darker interpretation can also be equally doubtless.

Harrison has beforehand displayed an ideal quantity of darkish inclinations, very like his father. It’s unclear if Harrison will almost definitely be in a save aside of living to withhold his Darkish Passenger at bay with out his father’s help. On the different hand accepted Harrison manages to make his future, that negate which guides him could well perchance, at some level, purchase on the function of a smartly-diagnosed face. Within the usual series, Dexter’s Darkish Passenger is represented by his deceased father and mentor, Harry Morgan. Given Dexter’s feature in his son’s existence, it’s seemingly that Harrison’s memory of his father could well perchance at some point address the identical feature. That negate within the finale could well perchance factual be the starting save aside of Dexter’s have postmortem manifestation interior Harrison’s head. 

Whereas a show known as “Harrison” potentially wouldn’t have comparatively the identical appeal as “Dexter,” presumably any person available within the market is already trademarking one thing like “Dexter: Afterlife” with this very belief in thoughts.

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