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The Dr. Marcel Scene That Went Too Far On Chicago Med

Ever since “Chicago Med” launched back in 2015, there became no shortage of duos for fans to ship, but some hook u.s.a.move away viewers frigid. Such is the case within the series’ Season 7, Episode 9, “Secret Santa Has a Reward for You.” After they both conclude up under the mistletoe on the annual Christmas event, medical doctors Marcel and Pamela Blake (Sarah Rafferty) bask in a passionate kiss — no matter the reality Marcel is already dating Blake’s daughter. Followers had been snappy to react.

Redditor u/Rigby00000000000000 became clearly befuddled by the style, writing, “Am I the entirely one who is perplexed, are they constructing a love interest as Dr. Marcel and Dr. Blake or Dr. Marcel and Dr. Blake’s daughter????” U/tvCrazed agreed that the jam is a disconcerting prospect, announcing it would per chance portend romantic catastrophe: “Here’s the Bermuda love triangle. I conclude no longer desire to survey mother and daughter romancing Marcel … It wasn’t system back Marcel became going gaga for Natalie [Manning].” 

Reddit poster and fan of “Chicago Med” u/Gypsymoth606 also complained, feeling the scene became simply a system to introduce needless relationship drama into the indicate, writing, “IMO, he’s being jam up for a form of order ruin scenarios. Address there isn’t ample going on in that sanatorium to satisfy all people’s catastrophe appetite.” It’s stable to claim that fans to find Marcel and Blake are crossing plenty of traces with their Christmas kiss. 

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