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'The day of the flag' and other film premieres to see this weekend

In The day of the flag, Sean Penn stars and directs a thriller in which there is a certain style in the staging, a spectacular photograph in its beauty in contrasting colors and in its grainy texture, some beautiful night shots and a very respectable desire to get out of the ordinary. Of course, it does not just flow after the prologue, which gives way to a long flashback that occupies almost all the footage. He also makes his proposal in the direction George Clooney: the correct one The Tender Bar, starring Ben Affleck, is based on the celebrated youth memories of JR Moehringer . The adaptation of William Monahan, author of scripts as solvent as that of The Departed , by Scorsese, remains in a lukewarm translation of the book that looks good, but no more.

David Casademunt's debut feature, El páramo, is a dark tale that does not quite solve its mixture of folk terror, madness and the myth of David against Goliath. Casademunt appeals to a terror with a claustrophobic and dark aesthetic that shuns the easy fright to enter a stage closer to the dramatic than to the terrifying. From Georgia, What do we see when we look at the sky? is a film of overwhelming sincerity, noble, deep down very elementary, narrated like a children's story, even if it is not. It is not an easy work, lasting two and a half hours that can be turned into a ball due to its very particular methods of narration, visualization and sound.

The Honest Spy is a feature film that carries an evident interest in real history, although it leaves the feeling of not teaching anything particularly suggestive in the cinematographic. Franziska Stünkel has composed a film of an austerity that sometimes comes face to face with the peculiarities of the genre: interesting because of the dryness in the use of formal elements, with a coarse academicism that does not quite fit in with that sobriety.

The films have been reviewed by Elsa Fernández-Santos and Javier Ocaña, and the criticism can be read by clicking on the photo.

Flag Day

A householder lives a double life as a counterfeiter, bank robber and scammer to support his daughter.

The Tender Bar

Adaptation of JR Moehringer's memoir that recounts the writer's teenage years growing up on Long Island in search of a father figure among the patrons of his uncle's bar.

The wasteland

The wasteland tells the story of a family that lives isolated from the rest of society and whose tranquility is disturbed by the Sense of a terrifying creature that will test the bonds that bind them.

What do we see when we look at the sky?

A young couple decides to meet in a bar after meeting several times on the street. But, as in a fairy tale, on the day of the meeting both have transmuted their appearance and are unable to recognize each other.

The honest spy

Scientist Franz Walter agrees to work for the GDR's foreign intelligence service and pledges absolute loyalty to the system until he can take up his new position as a professor at the university. Soon you will be forced to use poor practices.

All the culture that goes with you awaits you here.


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