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The Dark Friends Theory That Explains Why The Group Is So Close

Offering an in-depth diagnosis of every personality and their relationships with their moms, Reddit person the_imhotep_show felt that a slew of mommy-based mostly entirely disorders depart the community together. They said that Rachel has a mother who had licensed her worn matriarchal neutral and played a half in it, which induced Rachel to revolt towards the machine and depart away her fiancé at the altar. They persisted by announcing that Monica has an overly essential and dismissive mom, Phoebe has an abused mom who’s emotionally unstable, Ross has an overbearing mother, Chandler has disinterested fogeys who couldn’t care much less, and Joey has immature fogeys who comprise a superficial enchantment.

Redditor Offkira in overall agreed with this thought but specified that it goes to also correct be parental disorders as a alternative of particular mommy disorders. They added, “I mean, per chance what binds them together is that they’re all extroverts, in declare that they thrive on being a half of a community.” dilqncho seen that they all comprise mother disorders, but doubted how principal it introduced them together as mates. They thought that if the leisure, it goes to silent comprise made them incompatible, and said, “In level of fact, most of us comprise some create of (realized or unrealized) disorders stemming from the skill we were raised. Fogeys are human, and as principal as they admire us, they’re not proof towards mistakes. As we grow up, it’s as a lot as us to not let which comprise an affect on us too principal.” 

This fan thought can also simply or can also simply not comprise advantage, but one sing is for obvious, and that is the total crew of “Mates” has exceptionally a amount of fogeys.

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