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The Dark Fan Theory That Changes Everything About Napoleon Dynamite

This principle comes from Reddit user siriusjakc, who believes “Napoleon Dynamite” would possibly maybe well happen in Purgatory. That also can sound like a intrepid disclose to originate, and so that they admit as indispensable in their approved submit, however they didn’t originate it with out rising with some proof to abet it up.

At the starting up, they deliver about how the characters seem to costume as if they’re from a bunch of sessions in time. Napoleon suits with early 2000s dispositions, Pedro (Ramirez) adopts a ’50s rural survey, and Deb (Majorino) appears like a younger particular person of the ’80s. Couple this with Preston’s out-of-time truly feel (its lack of historical markers, desolate panorama, and lots others.), and the hypothesis begins to originate some sense. The submit also speculates on how Napoleon and Pedro also can have died and the systems the film hints at these events, alongside side a YouTube hyperlink to the Dying Taco Podcast episode that delves deeper into the whole lot.

The reactions to this principle were overwhelmingly determined, despite its bleak nature. Ralph-Hinkley spoke back, “I dig it OP, fresh headcanon confirmed,” and TortelliniSalad spoke back, “I love this movie, that is a chilling twist.” At the side of onto the dialog, theyusedthelamppost brought up the character of Uncle Rico (Jon Gries), whose total characterization is that he has trapped himself in the previous. “He seems stuck, never shifting previous the extinct ‘excessive college version’ of himself,” they expose, indicating that this ingredient of his character would possibly maybe well expose when he died and went to Purgatory.

As one would possibly maybe well imagine, no longer all americans who shared their tips supplied into what the approved submit had to offer. “I’d yelp it’s extra seemingly that the filmmakers opinion being stuck in a small town used to be like being stuck in Purgatory, and stuffed it with absurd things and made the atmosphere uncanny to go alongside with the circulation from that notion,” wrote wasporchidlouixse. Redditor finallyransub17 had an analogous tips, commenting, “The characters, mannerisms, and atmosphere are all precisely what folk that grew up in the center of nowhere are ancient to.”

Is “Napoleon Dynamite” in fact a movie about misplaced souls trapped in Purgatory? Or does its presentation of Preston, Idaho, and its residents accurate give us that affect? No topic the fact, if nothing else, theories like this are accurate relaxing to ponder.

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