‘The Daily Show’ Looks At How Donald Trump Is Handling Retirement (Hint: Not Well)

Like many Americans, Donald Trump moved to Florida after “retiring” from his job. Unlike many Americans, he wasn’t ready to leave his old profession, but 81 million voters were ready to see him go. Now the former-president spends his days at his Mar-a-Lago resort, giving rambling speeches at weddings and ranting about the “stolen” election.

The Daily Show released a tidy 16-minute video summarizing what Trump has been up to since stomping his way out of the White House. “Donald J. Trump, former United States president and the reason America will be paying for decades of therapy. It has been five months since Trump was indefinitely suspended from Facebook for the minor infraction of trying to overthrow the government. I mean, who hasn’t done that?” host Trevor Noah said in the video, which uses segments from old Daily Show episodes.

He also covered Trump continuing to scam his supporters, taking credit for the vaccine, insisting he won the election, attacking Mitch McConnell, and breaking up with Fox News. “It’s no secret that Donald Trump’s transition out of office was a painful one. It caused a major rift in the GOP, but his relationship with the GOP isn’t the only one that’s been strained. You see, there was another organization that played an equally important role in Trump’s political rise: Fox News,” Noah said. “But sometime between Trump’s campaign for reelection and his campaign for insurrection, the relationship went south.” Trump is used to going south: it’s where his most loyal supporters live.